Camera experience on FP4

Note this is a user forum so you are voicing your frustration at other users not Fairphone,

Secondly you start by saying there has been no such comments for a month but then assume that a non defined group ‘we’ are unhappy.

Something seems a bit off . Have you contacted Fairphone to explain the problem you have. If you, and the other people you allege, have a problem doesn’t it make sense to contact support rather that use your time posting here and have other users read and respond, it’s really not something a user can resolve. All you can expect here is acknowledgement of your unhappiness ??

As for the month maybe others have a resolution, or are resigned to the quality??

Have you at least contacted support via email, which is quite easy

Hope you get a satisfactory reply from them ?


Up from a certain level of neglect from manufacturers side demanding to give ‘feedback’ via support is no longer appropiate…

  • Even with latest update the shutter delay in the dark conditions (with flash) is more than 7 seconds.
  • Try to make a picture from a screen panel i a darker room: The preview picture of will hop towards you and away from you
  • The picture gallery is still hardwired to Google

I assume many people just resigned to contact support and to complain since it doesn’t have much effect anyway?

Maybe to gather enough light

The OS is a licensed object from Google so yes they have some say in what can be delivered in a basic OS. It would require a lot of resources to o[pt out of the license.

The demand (request0 for support is the only realistic option if you want your view addressed with any feedback on the possibliteis of change.

Here you are just dumping your concerns on other users, who

  • Can empathise that you have issues
  • Query what you expect to get in response and
  • Remind you this is a user forum
  • Direct you to

This is the [HELP] category and I can’t see what help you want. Maybe a [Discuss] category for the unhapp would be a better option.


and general complaints about support, in the [Discuss] category

Have a look there and see if it is more appropriate, and enjoy whatever you do.

I’m sorry, but a 2019 Nokia 2.3 (120€) and a 2023 G22 (180€) both need less than 4 seconds for same picture quality?

I’m sorry again, but this is confabulating. The FP4 is the first and only Android phone I’ve seen where the Google gallery got hardcoded, otherwise one can refer to the default gallery which can be set by the user…

Sorry again, but having read here for some months the support option doesn’t seem ‘realistic’ either.

I don’t want or need any help, I a) answered to your post and b) answered to TonB just to conform that there was at least one other user that wasn’t at all happy with the FP4 camera :slight_smile:

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That maybe so, and slightly off topic, but most other manufacturers have resources to make their own and not have to play the Google game so closely.

Apparently Fairphone have to have over a million checks done by google before they can release an update officially, so having to but proprietary or other alternatives would no doubt cause coast and delays.

The camera is no doubt not the same as others, but could that be your use, my FP3 takes pictures immediately in the pitch black, I can cover the lens and sensors. If I use night mode it takes 4 seconds. Maybe you have a problem with your phone or use ??

I’ll test my daughters FP4 when I see her :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s a user forum, where users come to say many things, including vent their frustrations.
I think it’s a perfectly good place to continue to express dissatisfaction with the FP management’s camera outcome - which is one of sub-standard value. I’m sure word will get back eventually.
I’m normally more upbeat and supportive on forums. But this issue really bothers me.
If an administrator gets tired of these repetitive posts then, fine, delete me!
I would email support if something wasn’t working on my phone, not when not when there’s an actual structural deficit - what would be the point? No need to answer, it’s what they call a rhetorical question.


As with ALL smartphone cameras, they look nice on the display and not so nice on the PC.
It’s definitely enough to take a picture of the warehouse number in IKEA. If someone is serious about taking photos, buy a DSLM / DSLR with lenses. It’s nothing more than snapshots.


The point is: you want FP to listen and further improve? Then contact support, else your frustration is just vented to the air and does not help at all to change anything. Support is there to also forward internally feature requests not only bug reports.

Actually, I politely disagree with your analysis.
My concern is a strategic one, about where the company sees value in investing its resources:
Send an email through to Support and a tecchie shrugs their shoulders and gets back to recoding minor glitches. Nothing happens.
Persist with a more public complaint and eventually Management is forced to pay attention.

Who reads this forum ? If you think you can have an impact being noisy on internet, I advise you to do it via twitter or Facebook. It would be much more efficient.


You can disagree, I might disagree and that changes nothing at all, the process is as it is. The forum is a user forum nothing more, nothing less. Official contact to the company must go through support not the forum.

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As Alain_Guillet notes, whereas this forum is public it’s not well populated and Social Media is.

However, no matter which way you choose it is like bulling, trying to apply pressure on another, in public and wanting public support, yes that’s the way of politics, trying to get people to change and take notice of what you want.

If what you want is to be noticed then Social Medai is the game to play.

If you want Fairphone to respond to a problem with a device, clearly a support request is the way to go.

My FP3 can be fun and so can this forum, but nagging other users about how you are unhappy with anyone is a bit of a downer.

Wish I could be of some comfort but alas, take care. :speak_no_evil:

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Appreciate it. Still an issue for me. FP haven’t listened to any emails sent to them. There are also administrators on the forum who should be feeding this back too!!

No word so far. It’s frustrating because I love the principles of the phone but not the delivery.

I’m just going to go direct to their head of customer service on linkedin. But thanks for keeping the post alive.

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This is a user forum, The admins will do everything to run the forum for our community. There is no task for them to pass infos back to FP, IMHO. But with the die Social Media Manager from FP being here, now, maybe that is a chance to get infos from the user community back to then company.

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Similar to @Lars_Hennig

  • I’m sure they have read you emails ?? How many have you sent and did you not get a single reply, or do you mean they haven’t answered to your satisfaction.

  • Regarding Admins of the site

    • Admins are Fairphone employees who’s sole job is to update the software they are not go betweens betwixt the hundreds of users and management
    • There are moderators of the forum, who are not Fairphone employees and are only self tasked with moderating the placing and tone of the posts
    • Now and then a Fairphone employee will post news of an OS update and that is about all the communication the user has with Fairphone via the forum. Feedback about the update.
      • However even any feedback about the OS update is not a support mechanism for that there are two options
      • Contact support personally or
      • Create a new topic if one can’t be found that refers to your issue and ask the users if they have any ideas or experience that may be of use.

As Fairphone started I thought “ok, starting problems, maybe with Number three there will be acceptable quality”. Till I met peaople, who were dissapointed with number three. Then there was number four and I had some hope again and bought one. One of my worst buys I done and the support of this brand is also misserable.

So a very very good idea goes down - maybe it’s more contra productive than having no brand who claims to produce fair.

Would be interessting how a fair phone by one of the big brands would perform. But I know, that this will not happen.

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My favorite part of this is that Fairphone is awful quiet about what is being done to improve the camera.

In fact they are quiet about all the major issues, it would seem.

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Unfortunately instead of focusing on fixing their product they prefer releasing new products, and “conquering new markets” (see XXL headphones, FP5 announcement, and so on).

It’s a pure marketing strategy, and as all marketing strategies it’s extremely shortsighted, because once enough people hear their products are subpar and that Fairphone doesn’t bother fixing any complicated bugs and issues, their new shiny-shiny new “fair” televisions or whatnot will not sell very well: There is a finite amount of suckers out there.

(Now I expect the local Guardians of the Faith to pounce and say that this is all unfounded allegations, and I have no proof that Fairphone does not care. Well, true, I have no proof they are not [horrible whatever] either, does this mean I should automatically assume they are?.. My point is, having to prove the non-existence of something is utterly fallacious: The onus is on Fairphone to prove they do care, and do assign enough resources to fixing the ever-increasing list of FP4 bugs.
TL;DR: The pudding’s proof is in the eating, not in the hype and the breathless announcements.)


@all please dont use this topic to complain in general, this is a help topic. If you want to complain do it e.g. here


‘pro mode’? In the FP4 native camera app? I’ve looked all over and cannot find it.