Camera experience on FP4

You have over the Shutterbutton the menu bar, swipe the left under more, or swipe to right to the end. I hope you find what you are looking for.


Golly! Never seen that ;). Thanks!


Hi all

I have been reading through this forum for a while now and consider buying a FP4 (yes, I know that FP5 will be announced tomorrow but I like to get my phones with all the initial bugs out of the way - again, I know this is a continuing cause for concern for many people using the FP4… not seeing many alternatives though… welllll, back to topic). I have been using CameraMX for years now and am very satisfied with it. Is there a reason why only OpenCam, GCam and the stock Fairphone app are discussed in all the different camera threads and here? I found that Camera MX made all the difference back then vs. the grayish, unsaturated FP2 stock photos.


Is that Magix Camera MX? A quick search revealed that it’s discontinued and not compatible with Android 11 or higher, see e.g. Camera MX App wurde eingestellt

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I moved it over here to keep the Gallery for Pictures and less discussion.


@Ingo: Thx, I didn’t expect this :frowning: Camera MX was like my fixpoint in the Android world… sad to see it’s discontinued. Since I use my FP2 mainly for picture taking this is a big deal when looking at the FP4.
@yvmuell: Thx for moving the topic!