Call for testers of RC1.2.6

Dear Community,

We’re on the verge of launching the first update for the Fairphone 2. Release Candidate 1.2.6 (RC1.2.6) is an update to the current OS shipping with the Fairphone 2 and contains Google Mobile Services. RC1.2.6 is very likely to become the final version of this update. But before we launch it to thousands of Fairphone 2 owners, we hope to get critical feedback from our community.

Last year we did beta testing with a dedicated group of Fairphone community members, and their insights were very important for helping us make better, more reliable software. We would like to continue this successful cooperation with the Fairphone 2. This is an open call to anyone who wants to test and try RC1.2.6.

What’s the plan?
This week, we will put the update package on the beta testing section of the forum. Testers can download it and use the built-in updater to install it on your Fairphone 2. In the following week, we hope to receive as much as feedback as possible to can determine whether we can release RC1.2.6 to everyone or if we need to wait and continue development.

Who is it for?
Anyone can apply, but we are specifically looking for people who:

  • Own a Fairphone 2
  • Have experienced issues with highly sensitive screens and random reboots
  • Can explain fastboot, ADB and how to restore a Fairphone to their 8-year-old nephew.
  • Are aware that this update might erase data on their Fairphone and are ok with that.

Want to join?
Send a mail to our developers at and explain why you want to join the beta testers group. Once you are approved, you’ll be added to the beta group and will be able to see that category on the forum.

Make sure to include your forum name in the email so we can add you to the group of testers!


That means, if no problems occur, we (Fairphone 2 users) will receive an update in the week of 14 March 2016.

Which issues will be fixed with that update? Only these marked with “fixed” in the software issue report?

No, that means that we can then send our update to Google for verification. Which bugs will be fixed depends on both this test and the verification of Google. So we can’t make any promises yet on either of those assumptions.


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Nice to read about progress about the first update.

Will you please provide a complete list of (non-) fixed issues and a COMPLETE change log?

e.g. I noticed that you will have included some fixes in the update, which you not even mention in your issue list?
I hope you wont put it back to the FP community to figure out, what you changed, and what you did not…( I remember e.g. this list)


I really like the idea of beta-testing the software. Since many FP-users just want their phone to do what it’s supposed to, the updates should undergo extensive testing. :slightly_smiling:
But @Douwe, can you please explain the Google-Part? What do they do with the Update? Is it only because the updates are hosted by Google?


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I’ve moved most of the discussion regarding change log issues to the topic below, feel free to continue there:

For everybody interested in discussing whether the Beta images should be with or without Google services:


Where is the changelog ;)?

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I’m in!!! if you want me… sent an email, waiting for answer/approuval!

I’ll would be your “above average user” but not programmer or anything…

Hope to hear from you soon!

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I’m in too. I am not well versed in Android internals but my propension for diy helped me help for debugging of fposos!

Edit I’ll send the mail

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Will it be possible to apply the update to a rooted phone, with TWRP recovery, some fixed bugs (like SD card permissions) and disabled Google services?

I downloaded the zip file and opened it with the updater app, the update was installed in a minute or less and google apps stayed disabled.
For some reason I’m always the only one who does it this easy way, the others apply the update through recovery and apparently that only works with the standard recovery. (I don’t know if my method would work with TWRP)
Root permissions will be gone after the update, but flashing a modified boot.img seems like an easy solution to get them back. (From what I read in the beta category).
And apparently when you install the update via recovery some GAPPS get reenable again.

I’m not doing anything if I’m not a beta tester because without access to the beta category of the forum I lack lots of info…

By the way why noone got back to me with that?

Did you send them an email?
Well, maybe because it was weekend. :slight_smile:

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Yes I did sent an email… I don’t understand weekends, I have a completely disfunctionnal phone… :confused::wink::grin:

Yes it is. I did it but i also reflashed rooted recovery (with updated boot.img - shared in beta test forum) to keep superuser working. But maybe you will need to disable again google service after.

I’d love to betatest, because point 1-3 apply, but without any possibility to backup and restore the entire phone it’s an absolute no-go for me.

Backup is always an issue to Android, so I think it’d be pretty good if the FP2 had an easy way to do it.

I used Titanium Backup to make selected backup.
I never try with ADB (adb backup -apk -shared -all -f data.bak), but I will try tonight.

Anyone got a better solution? (Maybe I should open a new thread to not polluted this one)

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