Booting gets stuck - maybe full storage

I had an message that my storage is full (almost).
After that it gets a message that Google xxxx stopped.
I think it was de Carrier service, but not sure.

After that it gets reboot, but the animation gets slowly after a while and sometimes it reboot again. Once I had the message of corrupt data.

Is it possible to delete (with computer - USB) some files? That it will be booting again to Android?

The two options are
a) de google ~ that will remove some stuff and free up some space

b) enable Developer options > USB debugging then install adb on you computer to connect to the phone

Once you have the phone up and running ~ if you have an SD card ensure the SD card is not used as internal memory. If it is move the apps and data to the internal memory then reformat the SD card as external memory ~ then move all personal data back to the SD card for safety and to free up internal memory.


Actually transferring files to a computer does not necessarily require developer options and ADB. However, if you use them, it is even more certain that the file transfer will work right away.

Apart from that, you should also be able to just delete files directly on the phone – using the FILE app (or similarly called). It might be slower than by computer connection though.


The 2 options of @amoun and the reation of @urs_lesse:

Thanks! I tried, but I can’t get in my phone because of the bootloop. My SD-card is indeed internal used (I never know that this was not a good option). The ADB I have installed on PC (because of use on FP2 earlyer) but I’m affraid I haven’t the option selected: USB debugging. I can use the Fastboot (like device and reboot) option, but not the ADB call. I get no device with

adb device

After 12-15 min I get this message from Android Recovery (twice now) (after stuck in booting): Can’t load Android system. Your data may be corrupt. If you continue to get this message, you may need to perform a factory data reset and erase all user data stored on this device.

Some things I have an back-up (mail, contacts) but not all (like photo’s and message’s apps).

Is there other option / alternative to make an back-up? Or I lost now my data files?

Extra note: I have the normal Android version (pre-installed) from Fairphone. No TWRP or other…

Can you chose “Recovery” (using the volume buttons to change the top line and power to confirm) in Fast Boot Mode?

If you can, you should see a green Android robot lying on its back (text “No command”). Hold the power button and briefly press LOUDER to eventually reach the recovery.

UPDATE: Are we talking about an FP2 or and FP3 here?

I see the Recovery mode, with options.

We talk about FP3 only!

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ok, good to hear, my suggestions were for the FP3 :slight_smile: (I was just unsure for a moment because your profile still says FP2 – you can change it by clicking at the game puppet symbol, then Preferences here)

To be honest, I cannot really instruct you from here on. But maybe someone else can take over here.

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I decided to factory reset the phone. Learning points: USB debugging on, TWRP on, make more (automatic) back-ups… And most important: SD-card as external use.


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