FP3 LOS stuck in boot

Dear fellow users of FairPhone,

Since this morning my F3 LOS got stuck during boot. The typical boot of LOS keeps running. I have LOS installed on my FP3 since April th 2nd and is up to date, thus including the update from April the 14th.

Then what have I done yesterday, you may ask? Downloading some videos and updating some apps with both F-droid and Aurora-droid.

  • In case my FP3 LOS get stuck, because my internal storage is full: How do I delete some data? My files are already synced with SyncThing, thus those files can be deleted. It is suggested here: Booting gets stuck - maybe full storage
  • In case my FP3 LOS get stuck, because some updates got wrong: How do I uninstall those apps? They are from some known shops here in my country, and such.
  • In case my FP3 LOS get stuck of some other reasons, feel free to guess :wink:

EDIT: With some patience, LineageOS told me that I had two options: 1) A retry, or 2) a reset. After another try with the same two options, I decided to do a reset, because I had have the time to do so. That went well without any problem. Thus I am now reinstalling everything and then doing a backup, so that I can use that backup when this will happen in the future.

To clarify: not the bootloader, but the LOS boot animation?
Do you have an external sd card?

Hum, yes, sorry. It got stuck during the boot fase. The LOS boot animation got slower, and slower. With two options at the end: 1) A Retry, or 2) a reset. The info in OP is updated.

Although I choose to do a reset, I would like to know what happend. Or is that now guessing of the unknown?

Nope, I had not. But know I have one of 128GB in it as an extrernal storage.

Are you sure you didn’t install an update from April 26? This one was broken …

Most probably you could have been up and running without a reset …

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Sorry for my late reply.

Thank for pointing this out, but I had and have the update installed from April 14th.

Hum, good to know for the future. But I also saw this issue as an opportunity to sort other things out too. With some free time, deiced to do a reset.

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