Bluetooth speaker play/pause button not working since update

When I try to play/pause my JBL Clip 3, it no longer plays or pauses. This is a relatively new issue (since update?). The vol+/vol- buttons work fine. All the buttons work fine on another device (eg. Samsung, Android 8). Anyone faced similar issue or worked out a fix?

JBL troubleshoot with me, with unpairing/pairing, factory resetting speaker. Same issue. Their developers say the bluetooth speaker has compatibility with Android 11 and suggest contacting manufacturer (ie Fairphone) noting they suspect it may be related to the Bluetooth driver.

I followed advice on Fairphone FAQs: safe mode, reset WiFi/mobile/Bluetooth settings. Neither helped.

Another issue that emerged after last update (I think) is that each time the mobile is turned on I am asked to choose a launcher despite setting Nova launcher to Always. Even after doing that, I can later be asked to choose a launcher when hitting the Home button on the screen. Not sure if the issues are related. Uninstalled/reinstalled Nova launcher-no impact on either issue. I use the speaker a lot and it is a great inconvenience.

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I’m assuming you have an FP3 (or FP3+).

Please have a look here …

… and here:

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