Installed an alternative launcher, many times I got asked which launcher to prefer



  • I have an FP3.
  • I installed an alternative launcher: Launcher<3.
  • I made it the default launcher.
  • I deactivated the initial launcher: Quickstep.
  • I have a very few apps installed, and I only installed one alternative launcher.

Many times, when going back to the homepage (via the button in the bottom bar), Android asks me which launcher I wish to set.

It happens about 2 to 4 times a day I’d say.

It proposes me Launcher<3 or Quickstep.

It apparently sets Quickstep as a default because when I, everytime, select Launcher<3, I see the homepage updating its display from an empty interface with a Google button to my usual interface.

I have not seen anyone share this issue here. Though, am I alone?
Any idea besides reseting the phone? (which I did recently as I came back from /e/)

Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Do make your choice with “Always” then?

Yes, I sure do. :+1:

And everytime, by the way.

To permanently activate an alternative launcher/3rd party launcher under Android 10, go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Default apps > Start app and select the launcher there.
Any other action is only temporary.

Yep, it is already.

I did not mention all my manipulations, as I did a lot and forgot a few.

But thanks for your help though, I do appreciate it.

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If the launcher crashes, Android will unset it as the default launcher. That may also be why you get asked multiple times, even if you are sure you answered “Always”.


Oh, I very like this idea. Seems to me very plausible.
Thanks, I would have not think this way by myself!

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Be sure to disable battery optimisation for the launcher, it may get stopped otherwise.

No, normally tapping on “Always” when android asks you which laucher to use should set this launcher as the default.
But sure, always better to check.

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@TheLastProject was right.
I’ve changed of launcher, and it work just perfectly.

I’d like to recommend in the same time Olauncher (F-Droid link), it’s minimalist but 1) it works great 2) I needed to charge my phone everyday, now it’s more about every two days. :v:

Thanks again for your help.


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