Be careful with the connectors when replacing a module

I received my new camera module today. With the FP2 changing the camera module was easy. The FP3 takes a little more effort: unscrewing the 13 screws, removing the screen and then you have to disconnect the tiny connector to the module. My connector wouldn’t budge, I finally managed to lift it. So far, so good.

Switching the camera modules is easy, just two more screws.

But reconnecting the connector was again very difficult, it wouldn’t snap in place. I tried to give it a bit more manouvering room, but I ended up tearing the other end loose. I did try to connect it again, but you can guess: the new camera module is not recognized. The camera app goes straight to the front camera.

So: be careful!

Have contacted support, now we wait :slight_smile:


Just to make sure: Your FP3 is already upgraded to Android 10, right?

EDIT: Ah, nevermind! :angel:

Well, sorry to hear about that mishap. I hope there will be a consensual agreement with Fairphone Support.

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Thanks the warning and sorry you had issues. :frowning:


Hi Roel,

You are right you have to be careful. I had the same issue: the new camera module was not recognized. The problem in my case was that the other end got shifted a bit when I was trying to connect the camera module. I opened the phone again, unconnected both ends of the connector and tried to connect them again. This worked, now my camera works :slight_smile: So maybe you can try connecting it again?


Hi Roel,

I had a similar issue here with the back camera. The connector on the PCB behind the metallic cover got loose. Fortunately I have a set of small phone and other screwdrivers at home, similar to this one . With one of the TorX screwdrivers you can remove the metalic cover and reconnect the other part of the back camera connector.
This solved my problem.

And indeed: you need to upgrade to Android 10, before the new cameras really work :slight_smile:



Actually I managed to lift the metallic cover a little bit without using a screwdriver, and managed to reconnect it :slight_smile: So it should be possible!



I had the same problem with the loose connector. After the third try (without using extra screwdriver) it was correctly connected and the rear camera was recognized. :sweat_smile:




Can confirm I had same issue, and with what was it 12 screws with the Fairphone screwdriver that wasn’t fun. The iFixit screwdriver worked way better. So if you disassemble the smartphone and got such screwdriver, use that. It can screw/unscrew quicker.


Thank you all for the answers and confirmation that you managed to fix this. I will try again later today (in better light conditions :sunglasses: ).

Love the FP community and this forum!

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Fixed! Yesterday I was afraid to lift up the metal cover, because I did not want to cause more problems, but it is quite easy and you know when the connector is in place again.


I had several problems too:

  • I was not able to reach the “step-by-step guide”. Clicking on the link I ended up in a failing password, changing it, and still not reaching the guide. So I decided to use the “Watch how-to video” only.
  • I was not able to lift the connector from the Camera Module with my finger tip. I used a small flat screwdriver to put more force. Not sure if this is the best tool. I realize you need to be very gentle!
  • I was not able to push the connector back on the Camera+ Module. After some time, I gave up and tried to put back the old Camera Module. But same problem. Switched back to the new Camera+ Module. Finally, I solved the misalignment by bending up the flat cable while pushing the connector down. For this bending, I used again my small flat screwdriver, from the right side. This may not be the best tool, but I succeeded.
  • For the Top(+) Module, the connector gave no problems. But instructions how to pop out the module is missing in the movie. I succeeded with my flat screw driver. But I guess there are better ways.

Luckily, the phone and the two new modules worked! But the whole upgrade was not as easy as I expected.

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A very fragile connection indeed (I recognized the potential “danger” from an earlier struggle with the same kind of connector in a laptop). On installing the new module I simply screwed the module tight AFTER inserting the connector in the module. This way the connecting cable and module just fitted better and the tightening afterwards took care of the complete correct positioning of the module.
All in all very happy with this new Canon camera :smiley:

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Really? Did you check that? Are you just kidding because of the MP number or do they in fact use a Canon lens now? In the list of suppliers for the FP3 from August 2019 Canon is not listed; it’s O-Film and Holitech Technology for the cameras.
I guess they would advertise this, wouldn’t they?

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Unless they use the Canon logo without consent: that is printed on the module :wink:

There is a Canon logo printed on the camera module? Where?

At the place were this

was expected I saw this:
Now it could be I was seeing something that was not there. But to verify I would need to take the phone apart and that is something I will not do atm (too busy right now). Maybe someone else has noticed it too. If not I will report back after I have checked.


On my camera module it is:


I made a few photos (pictured: FP3 with old camera module) of the area concerned so people might be able to grasp better what we are talking about here.



What got (and should not have gotten) disconnected here is probably the invisible opposite end of the connector that you can see in the first photo marked by a thin lined triangle. That opposite end should be on the “underside” of the metal that bears the camera icon (just where the tiny mini triangle to the top right of the camera icon is).

On an FP3+, I also found that clicking the connector back onto/into the camera module didn’t work on the first try. I then pushed the (loose) camera module towards the upper end of the case (core module) and the connector clicked into it then.

Eventually, a tip I think can be repeated every now and then: To just test if a module works or works again after you screwed open the FP3 or FP3+, it usually suffices to firmly press together display and core module – you must hear the plastic clips clicking again though. If the plastic clips are properly reconnected, you will usually be able to boot and fully use the FP3 even without the 13 screws back in. However, if the test is successful, don’t forget to still screw the 13 screws back in. :wink:


ich habe den Connector der Kamermodule mit dem Finger festgedrückt bevor ich beide Kamermodule in ihre Position geklickt habe. Das war mittels leichtem Druck sehr einfach machbar. Danach habe ich den Test mit nicht angeschraubten Display gemacht - alles lief problemlos.
Nun noch die vielen Schrauben reingedreht und happy :grinning:

I pressed the connector of the camera modules with my finger before i clicked both camera modules in their position. This was very easy to do with light pressure. After that i did the test with a non-screwed display - everything went smoothly.
Now the many screws screwed in and happy :grinning:


Also don’t forget this: