Battery drop from 50% to 15% every time

@wmarc999 and @chsf35:
You blame the WiFi search function in connection with the newest FP-OS (1.8.7) for the massive battery drain.
To help other people, I would like to see a more detailed analysis. Could you contribute with some more test or ideas, to really nail the problem down?

Some points from my side:

  • I doubt, that it is the WiFi-look-up by itself, because I can let the WiFi enabled at my FP1 the whole day (+ normal usage) and end up with -20% battery.
    –> let us test it tomorrow: I will enable my wifi from 8:00-18:00 and will report back a screenshot with “BetterBatteryStats” about the consumption (only 2G and data disabled)(example).

  • Can you make a double check of the following:
    1.) Enable the WiFi for a certain time span (e.g. 1h /5h etc.) and note battery level drop (maybe first with connection to your own WiFi and then again without beeing connected to a known WiFi at all!)
    2.) Disable the WiFi and note the battery drop for the exact same time
    Moderate usage during this test should be OK.
    If you also use BetterBatteryStats for making the screenshots we have some real numbers and further more it directly shows the process with the main consumption and we can compare WiFi off/on (you can also look for so called “wake locks” with this app), as I still beleive that any other app than the operating system itself causes this problem.

  • You both did a battery spin test with negative results?

@Tobias_Nordqvist and @gsoundsgood:
I think you are faced with another problem than described by the other two guys (see above).
1.) Did you performed the spinning test as well? What is the result?
2.) Have you both tried the charging procedure exactly like we explained above (post 2 and post 6)?
If yes: please report back the result as detailed as possible.
If no: give it a try!! Also doing it twice can help in some cases.

If this doesn’t help you should receive a replacement battery for free from fairphone I guess, if you contact the support!

Good look and I would be glad to see some response, maybe we can contribute to the Battery Wiki with this.