Battery does not charge over 28%

Hi everyone! I had written in another topic but figured the subject was not adapted anymore so it’s better to start a new thread.
Basically, last week I had some problems with my Fairphone and had to re-format it to Factory settings (see discussion here: Fairphone won’t turn on (clear eMMC) )
Since I’ve done this, the battery does not work anymore. I had absolutely no problem with it so far and it was actually what I liked most about my Fairphone (I could charge it every 3 days or so). After re-formatting my phone to Factory Settings, first the battery would just drop in about five minutes as soon as it would reach 30%. Now, it does not even charge more than 28%. That is, if I charge it a whole night, it will get to 28% maximum, and then if I unplug it, it will run out of battery in less dans five minutes. HELP!!!

first you should check if your battery is bloated and then you could try to reset its internal software in order to assure there isn’t any problem with the battery; you can find more information here in this very well done wiki post :smile:

Thanks a lot for your advices! I did not know the battery could bloat, but yes indeed, mine is so bloated that I cannot close correctly the metal cover (I thought it was because the metal had bended, but now I have a close look at my battery, it is for sure bloated!). I’ve just written to support but I see batteries are out of stock now, and I currently live abroad in a country where any import of electronics is very highly taxed…
In the meantime, I am trying Robert’s method and hopefully it will allow me to use my phone more than a few minutes per charge until I get a new battery!
Thanks a lot for your help! This forum has been so helpful so far!! :smile:

Please, stop using the battery, it has malfunctioned and it is dangerous to use it further. The wiki page linked mentions this, and Fairphone’s official help page on swelling battery issues also mentions this. If you’re wondering why these batteries can be dangerous: there is risk of hazardous chemicals leaking, as well as a fire and explosion risk during charging.

They often have spare ones for warranty cases, which yours likely is.

Are you sure this also includes warranty replacements? You’re not buying a new a one, you’re exchanging a defective device.


!!! DON’T DO THIS !!!
If your battery is that bloated, that you cannot close the cover: Immediately STOP to use your Fairphone and remove battery and store it at a safe place!!

Don’t foget this for writing to the support:

Contact our Support Team with the subject line “Bloated battery” and we will make your issue a priority.

I am sure, that they have battery for warranty reasons and sending to you for free!
In which country your are currently?

Best wishes although you have to give your FP a pause!
Cheers, Robert


Thanks for your reply, I had not seen I could not use it anymore! I’ve removed the battery and am now waiting for a reply from the Support Team. Hopefully they’ll have a spare battery to send soon!
Thanks a lot again!

If you will not have an answer by tomorrow or so, maybe you can also have a call directly and ask!
(Than we can close the topic @Stefan)

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