Battery drop from 50% to 15% every time

Hey Robert:
1.) Please tell us the result of your spinning test! Is the battery bloated`? If yes --> see here!
2.) If negative, did you already try the Battery reset, as stated above and here in another form form the battery wiki:

  1. Use the battery up until it is below 0% (until the phone dies).
  2. Take the battery out of the phone.
  3. Plug your charger into the phone (still without battery). [Wait a few minutes]
  4. Insert your battery. (This will give the battery a kick)
  5. Charge your phone in one go until 100%. Do not boot the phone during charging.
  6. If this doesn’t work for the first time, try it a second time, beginning from step 1

Your battery should charge with the original charger (1A) about 2h from 0%–>100%!
What are your results?

Cheers, Robert

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