Automatic date and time don't work after reboot


Following a discussion about Clock resets when I take battery out I noticed that after a restart the clock doesn’t find time and date automatically.

I had it set on “Time provided by network” which did not work. So I chose “Time provided by GPS” and it searched for the time. After I had taken the battery out again I rebooted and the phone did not search for the time from GPS. When I switched the option to “time provided by network” it found the time immediately and everything was fine.

I am on a FP1 with Kola Nut 1.8.

####Steps to reproduce

  1. Shut down your phone.
  • Take the battery out. Time and date should reset to factory default (Aug. 1st 2013).
  • Put the battery back in and boot.
  • Time and date are not found automatically.
  • Choose the alternative option of “Time provided by network” or “Time provided by GPS” (the one which was not set initially).
  • Time and date are searched immediately.

Please check if it is the same with your devices. If yes, we should file this as a bug.

Have a nice day!

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Hi Stefan

We had some simliar discussions in other forums with other smartphones /custom ROMs.
“Time provided by network” says that the phone uses the time signal from the telephone provider (GSM).
Some telephone providers don’t maintain this signal correcltly, because more and more customers use WLAN, GPS or data connections.
We have tested with another smartphonet with the same phone on the same location the time adjustement works diffrerent with diferent SIM-cards (from different telephone providers).
May be that the ime till the time ist adjusted can deviate in the different Fairphone OS versions, but principally this is not a Fairphone bug.

BTW a fine tool to adjust automaticly the time is ClockSync.
Even when a battery-saving app like No-frills CPU Control CLASSIC causes time-diffrences (because the phone is working slower in idle) the time in the phone will be corrected periodically.

Best regards from Switzerland

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I have to clarify something: “Time provided by network” works perfectly well with my provider. The problem is that the FP doesn’t search for the time on its own. But when I reboot and switch from “Time provided by GPS” to “Time provided by network” the FP finds the network time immediately.

PS: I’m Google-free, so your play store links wouldn’t work for me.

Its a well known fact that the GPS module on the mediatek chipset is weak.
In other discussions here a lot of people complained that the Fairphone takes long time to catch the GPS position signal.
So its no surprise for me that it takes also long to catch the GPS time signal.

On the bottom of the Play Store links is a link to the developers website.
The website from Clock Sync is here, and the F-Droid-Site from No-frills CPU Control CLASSIC is here.

Best regards

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“Time provided by GPS” also works fine!!! :slight_smile: Just it doesn’t work immediately after a reboot. My guess is that the automatic search is not triggered by the OS at reboot, but only when I switch the options.

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