Back cover colors for FP2 owners now available

Hey Fairphoners,

Tomorrow we are going to send a newsletter to all Fairphone 2 owners in which we inform everybody how to change the back cover of your Fairphone 2 order. But first, we want to give our forum community a sneak peek. Keep in mind, this is only for Fairphone 2 owners to update their color preference (if desired) to their current order. For potential buyers, the available colors will be on the shop tomorrow!

We have created support articles on how the process works, in English, German, French & Dutch. And now, without further ado, we give you (drumroll please):

Black Matte

Blue Matte

Black Translucent

Blue Translucent


Now, go pick your favorite and let us know what you think :smile:


whheeeeyyyyy awesoommeeee you really did it!! The translucent black looks so damn good!:slight_smile:


Yes! Yes! Yes!
That makes me even happier then the fact that we reached the 15.000 goal today.


Great!!! Thanks for the sneak peek. I decided to go for the opaque blue cover.

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oh yes!! I am uncertain about the transparent one and the translucent blue


I am very glad for those who craved for the blue opaque back that it is available after all. :blush:
I would have strongly preferred a white bezel though, but I guess there is a good practical reason ALL cases come with a black bezel. My guess is that practical reason is that the bezel consists of an elastic material very prone to get dirty easily.


I don’t get it. You actually give us 5 options and none of them is #3 from the voting results? Why is every case black at the edge?


Positives: more choice than anticipated

Negatives: I’ve now no idea which I want!!!


@Vlad That might be because of the reason @urs_lesse guessed in the post before yours. Sounds legit to me :wink:

That decision might also have been made for financial reasons.

Here’s a great high-res photo of the transparent case - are there any similar pics of the transparent blue?


While I for my part am not that fond of the transparent and translucent style in general, I really welcome that Fairphone is offering a TRULY transparent option and not just the halfway transparency of translucent. :thumbsup:


I to find it a pity that I can’t choose for #3 from the voting results.
As the first Fairphone has a white bezel to.


great!! thanks so much for this! :slight_smile:

edit: boah. That’s a real hard nut to crack. I would really like to have more covers… :smiley:

Wow, this is great and I agree with @kevr1990: this is getting more difficult than I thought :smiley:
Initially, I was sure to order my FP2 with an opaque back cover - and I still think that matte blue is really nice - but now I am also tempted by the really transparent one…
I’ll sleep over it and hope to be able to decide afterwards :wink:

If not, I may perhaps buy a 2nd cover - directly? I do not think I would buy one later though because it would not make sense to ship a back cover on its own.


@anon48893843 For your info - I cannot pick “Black Matte”. See the attached pic from my account:


Is this posible to order a 2nd one?


just awesome! just like my first gameboy: transparent it is!


Same here. Bug? I’m gonna stick with transparent anyway. Only translucent/opaque blue + white look better IMO. I hope they can be orderered some time in the future.

I have decided: transparent!!


Hey There,

If you don’t do anything you will stay with your Black back cover! That is your original order. That is why it is not on the dropdown menu :smile:

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