Shipping to Switzerland is too expensive (almost 50€)

I guess it’s best for you to wait until the FP2 becomes available at

Well, announce more than 525€. I’m getting 485.00€ in the preorder on With VAT, 485*1,08=523.8€. So is it the solution ?
Edit : Paid 493.25 with shipping. Which was at 1.1102 CHF/€ plus 1.75% of payment tax for a total of 557.19 CHF (on 02.10.15)

Faircustomer now say that they will charge CHF 600 (549 EUR), which includes shipping and all customs documents and handling, as well as a small donation to Fairphone. I still don’t know… The Fairphone shop instead shows EUR 437, but then adds the ridiculous EUR 50 shipping. I feel like EUR 437 for the phone plus EUR 15 for shipping would be fair.

Especially considering that we will get ripped off again by customs fees (you should prepare to pay CHF 20 - 30 for customs handling on top of VAT). If they manage to at least label the package in accordance with customs regulations, the handling might get cheaper (I paid only about CHF 12 handling for my Jolla).

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I contacted Fairphone and they said that the EUR 50 shipping does not include customs handling or taxes. So expect to pay 50 and perhaps 20 - 30 extra.

They also wrote they’re looking at offering cheaper shipping options for Switzerland and recommended going through the distributor in Switzerland (which would mean it costs 600 in total).

I wished Fairphone 1 buyers from Switzerland could contribute their experience from back then here:
Were the shipping rates similarly excessive then?

It frankly seems as if Switzerland was treated like a conflict or war area destination when it comes to the rate. Switzerland was in fact the third biggest origin of Fairphone 1 purchases (see the order of purchases by countries), so I think it’s really regrettable that a buyer group obviously so willing to buy the Fairphone gets (not intentionally, of course) deterred this way from buying one.


My question this morning to Support:
Hello. I can understand (well, not really but I guess there’s a reason) that you need to use an expensive parcel service for the FP2 itself, but it is surely ridiculous to expect people to pay €47.50 for delivery costs on an additional battery or second cover. And for Fairphone, such exorbitant costs will definitely result in lost sales. Could you explain this please?

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Can’t understand this claim.
If I add in the shop a FP2 battery and an extra cover there are DPD or DHL delivery (to Germany) for about € 11 available.
Is it not in your case?

For batteries FP claimed already for FP1 that shipping a battery needs shipping as “dangerous goods” which is more expensive…

I should have mentioned that I’m in Switzerland.

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Maybe they automatised the shipping rates and something went wrong. Like €11 is applicable for shipping within the EU, and for some weird reason Switzerland was accidentally bumped up into a ‘shipping outside of EU/Europe’ category?

OK, for your confirmation: I can reproduce shipping costs of €47,50 if i choose Switzerland in the shop, but since Italy is also only ~€14 I also think it could be a failure.
Does anybody know a overview of different shipping costs of FP2 (+ accecoires)?

The shipping costs to Switzerland have already been discussed here: :smile:

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If you have friends in an EU country, you might order it with their address and than they can repack it and send it to you in a normal letter. That’s much cheaper. I’ve done this several times for a friend who lives in Switzerland.

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I have the known problem of dust between my camera lens and cover glass and have opened the FP1 a couple of times to clean it, with reasonable success. Now I see I also have a crack in the lens cover glass, so I wanted to order a replacement Midframe. The quoted price of €9.79 sounded quite reasonable. BUT then it says it will be delivered by DPD (no other option available) for €47.50!! This is ridiculous and surely contrary to the Fairphone philosophy of encouraging sustainable/reparable hardware. Why can’t they just put it in a jiffy-bag and send it as a letter for about €1.00?

Are you by any chance trying to have it shipped to Switzerland? In that case it has to do with customs declarations (as it’s shipped outside of the EU) and the like, as is discussed in the topic here.


You might consider searching for an informal postal exchange of a midframe on the unofficial FP1 market place. Maybe this can be handled cheaper.

@Johannes: If @greyowl wants to ship to Switzerland, we could move the above posts to the other topic. :slight_smile:

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Yes, to Switzerland.

Did you understand Stefan’s suggestion? That’s sounds like a good idea

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I see there complete second-hand FPs. That’s not what I’m looking for.

Does one really have to fill out complicated export documentation for a bit of plastic with holes in it worth less than €10?

I think Stefan meant that you may get into contact with someone who lives in another country. He gets the piece delivered and then ships it to you without difficult regulations, just as a “gift” in a letter for 3€ postage or so.
I’d offer you to do that but for me, shipping+midframe is 23€ (+shipping Germany-Switzerland). Maybe in the other forum you can find someone from the Netherlands who buys you the midframe with little shipping and puts it into a normal envelope and sends it to you as a “gift” (which is free of customs/tolls/…, isn’t it?)