Which cover do you think will sell the most?

What do you think? It’d be great if the Fairphone team could let us know the answer when shipping begins…

  • Black Matte
  • Blue Matte
  • Black Translucent
  • Blue Translucent
  • Transparent

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I voted for black Matte because I think most people don’t want their phone to stand out. It would be great though, if everyone got a transparent cover! :smiley:

I agree with the current result only when it comes to ranks #4 and #5. I believe both translucent cases will sell the least now that there is a truly transparent alternative to those which makes #4 and #5 look a bit ‘neither fish nor flesh’. Transparent will sell well among hardcore Fairphoners only :wink: and I agree with @Stefan that black matte will sell best. So I expect this rank order:

  1. black matte
  2. blue matte
  3. transparent
  4. black translucent
  5. blue translucent

2 and 3 might switch places, and so might 4 and 5.

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Hi everyone, are there actual photos of the transparent cover somewhere? I can only find what seems to me like a virtual design model.
I am quite tempted to go for the truly transparent one :slight_smile:

You might find some in this list of previews: :smile:


Yes, there are photos: Back cover colors for FP2 owners now available

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If you haven’t voted yet, feel free to add your guess. Remember, the poll is not about your personal order of preference, but what you estimate will sell the most among all buyers. : -)


1. Tranparent - it was trendy, then tacky, but now I feel like it looks cool again, the trend may get back
2. Black Translucent - good compromise between classic and transparent
3. Blue Matte - for the FairPhone real lovers, get the color of the company
4. Black - classic, but boring I think
5. Blue Translucent - I like it, but I can’t manage to put it anywhere :frowning: the translucent thing really remove the “FairPhone lovers” effect

I hope they will sell the covers separately, I want them all! (actually, I don’t. I’m confident about being able to resist this primary urge, for responsible reasons)

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I believe all the translucent and transparent colours will sell best because no other manufacturer on earth (as far as I know) do that. Also matt looks very dull in a world of shiny devices…
I ordered translucent blue but if I had the option to buy a second one I’d go for the transparent as well.
I am also hoping that someone will 3-D print them in more colours: I do fancy a bright orange!

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Black Translucent !! I love this look :heart_eyes: can´t wait to hold it in my hands…

I think that the transparent back cover stand to FP2 like the blue cover stand to FP1, it’s a symbolic color (or, in this case, “non color”)… And I definitely LOVE it! In the second place I put the translucent blue (but without the white bezels loses some charm) and the translucent black. finally the blue matte.


My answer has already been detailed by others here, but I would like to add why I personally chose the transparent one :

  • to be able to show, describe and discuss about the modules with friends, without opening the phone all the time ! (avoiding early undermining of the plastic grips)