Android File Transfer not working

Hi all!
Just got my FP today but getting a bit frustrated as I am trying to copy files on the phone using AFT (I’m on MAC). Both the phone and the SD card appear in AFT, but it will not let me copy anything on either the phone internal storage or the SD card, which means I cannot put music, photos, transfer my Whatsapp or SMS account. Highly frustrating…


Did you connected your phone with MTP mode?

gTranslate: For if
someone comes here seeking answers to this. We must allow USB
connection as mass storage, also in mobile, to transfer. I’ve been
testing modes MTP and PTP transfer and I find systems of shit compared
to mode USB Mass Storage, which may perhaps be useful for those who know
nothing of Android and are afraid to break something, or better control
over operators and device manufacturers. But for the average user are
merely restricted transfer means is, a bullshit. I guess it’s one of the
reasons that developers have it so difficult to go from version 4.2.2,
because from the 4.3, there are “improvements” such as losing the USB
mass storage mode not only use restricted MTP and PTP developed by
Microsofot, as always, to make life easier (irony, if not understood).

Por si alguien llega aquí buscando respuesta a esto. Hay que permirtir la conexión como almacenamiento masivo USB, también en el móvil, para poder transferir.
He estado probando los modos de transferencia MTP y PTP y me parecen unos sistemas de mierda comparado con el modo de almacenamiento massivo USB, que quizá pueden ser útiles para aquellos que no saben nada de Android y tienen miedo de romper algo, o para un mejor control sobre el dispositivo de operadoras y fabricantes. Pero para el usuario medio no son más que medios restringidos de transferencia, o sea, un ñordo.
Supongo que es una de las razones por las que a los desarrolladores les cuesta tanto pasar de la versión 4.2.2, porque a partir de la 4.3, hay implentadas “mejoras”, como perder el almacenamiento masivo USB y sólo poder usar los modos restringidos MTP y PTP, desarrollados por Microsofot, como siempre, para facilitarnos la vida(ironía, por si no se entiende).

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Hi, I was frustrated too, continued searching and found today “SyncMate”. This one works perfect in the free version for calendar and contacts. If you purchase you can sync everything I guess.
Hope this helps all the MACS out there, almost everything else needs iCloud, Google or whatever.

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Well, I think you are not a tech savvy and shouldn’t waste so much time for this. Plus, it might be a difficult problem. Using some program to help you transfer the files between your FP and PC. But, I am not gonna recommend anything, otherwise I’ll be judged as a spammer.:grin: