Android 13 delayed for FP3(+) owners on KPN and SFR

So I’ve been checking for updates every day for weeks now, wondering why the Android 13 update didn’t become available on my FP3. This morning, I accidentally stumbled upon the reason. Turns out that if you’re on KPN Netherlands or SFR France, there’s an issue that’s causing the update to be delayed. Source + more info: Android 13 on the Fairphone 3(+):

Thought I’d make a topic about this for extra visibility, in case there are more FP3(+) owners who were racking their brain about this like me :sweat_smile:. And I’m glad to see that apparently another Android 11 security update is being prepared to be delivered while the issue with Android 13 is being worked on :slightly_smiling_face:


Good idea ! Sorry you have to wait a bit longer than us, and I hope it resolves quickly :slight_smile:
Is this due to some form of carrier lock?

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I bought my FP3 directly from Fairphone itself, so it doesn’t have a carrier lock. If I were to temporarily put in a SIM of a different network provider, the update would probably be offered to me. However, if Fairphone says there’s an issue with the update and my particular network provider, I’d rather wait for them to fix it than experience it first-hand :innocent:


As I mentioned in the thread about the most recent software update 6.a.020.0, Android 13 is available for KPN users.

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I have a FP3 with Android 11 on KPN (Netherlands) network. I never got the update 6.A.018.0, but two days ago I got a notification for 6.A.020.0. I decided not to update immediately, but wait until a convenient moment for the phone to do its thing. But now I don’t see the update anymore. Checking at Settings → System → System update tells me there is no update available. What happened?

KPN and SFR probably aren’t the only networks with delays for the upgrade.
My partner and I are on Telecoop, a french provider that uses the Orange network and the upgrade isn’t available yet for any of ou FP3s
It also happened with A11, although differently: my FP3 got the upgrade fairly quickly whether as my partner had to wait for months for hers.
My FP3 also has a SFR SIM, but I don’t think it’s the cause because my partner has only ever had the Telecoop SIM in hers.
Looks like the upgrade process stumbles into some quirks from time to time. I’ve learned to be patient…

I’m now getting update 4.A.0025.0 on the KPN NL network. Not sure whether it’s not safe to install it or if it disappear later.

If you’re getting it now I would assume that it is as safe as it gets now (in that it includes all the provider-independent bugs and restrictions that have arisen for all the other fairphones).

I have got this update too (KPN NL), but haven’t installed it yet. It’s the latest security patch of Android 11.

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I thought I was an Android 13 update, but now I see it’s Android 11. I installed it. No problems.


Yeah, afaik due to the Fingerprint issue Fairphone is currently serving both Android 11 and Android 13 updates for the FP3(+).

In this case it will have other reasons. The A11 is only available for manual install for those applicable to receive an A13 update. That an OTA A11 is send would in my eyes mean there is something wrong for this network and Android13.


I am on KPN (at least a subsidiary) but I got an update yesterday (11th sept). It mentioned the fingerprint issue. The moment I put the FP3 on the charger the update started, it took his time. After that I tried the bank app. It worked. But I kept having doubts, so I checked the Android version. It still was 11. The question is: why did the update have a large story about the new version and the fingerprint issue but it didn’t go to 13? Why the bog update then?

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On a related note: Is the automatic installation of android system updates intended behavior generally speaking? And if so, can this be disabled somewhere?

I’ve never had this happen on my FP4, but I was pretty quick with manually installing available OTA updates as well, so I wouldn’t be able to tell either?

Hi and welcome,

They update the securiry patch date at least. So whats your version and security patch date now? Did it even update or did it just fail?

Beveiligingsupdate datum: 5 augustus 2023, versie nr. 2.6.1
Bij back up en update geeft hij aan dat er nu geen updates meer zijn.
Security update : 5th august 2023, version 2.6.1
Phone reports that there are no updates available now

I have the same message and same problem on a (unlocked) FP3+. I am on Lebara (KPN network). Maybe there is a delay or problem with the network and not only with the fingerprint sensor? If there is a wider problem, users of Youfone and Simyo have the same issue with this upgrade?

Do we have some news about the Android 13 update for KPN Netherlands or SFR France ?

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Unfortunately no news about the Android update for KPN users. Contacted the Fairphone Support Team more than a week ago by email but did not get any answer or response.

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Got the following response from the Fairphone Support Team a couple of days ago: "

Before an update is released, both Fairphone and partners perform a wide variety of tests to ensure the software meets our expectations and quality standards. Sometimes, especially when testing Android upgrades (e.g. Android 11 → 13), we discover an issue, which is not easy to solve. In those cases, Fairphone may make the decision to not release a specific software to a portion of customers, because that software can negatively impact the usability of the device, one way or another. This is what happened in this case, and it concerns customers of KPN Netherlands, as well as SFR France. We are not able to say when Android 13 will be available to customers of these providers. We are working hard to deliver it as soon as possible. In the meantime, we will continue to actively support Android 11 and a security patch update is already in the works."

(So for now no Android 13 for KPN Netherlands or SFR France )

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