Android13 auto update not triggering + manual download link is dead

Hi everyone !

I’haven’t found any post with this issue on the forum nor on the internet. Also, I’ve contacted the support more than 20 days ago but I only received an answer to ask for details about my phone and SIM which I instantly provided back.

My issue is simple:

  • The android 13 auto uptade is not triggering on Settings → Advanced → System update => Check for update
  • After waiting on the customer support I turned to a manual update but the official link is dead.

I know updating is a risk as many have had issues with A13 but maybe someone has a solution ?

My phone :

  • FP3 (both camera upgraded)
  • Build Number : 8901.4.A.0023.0 release-keys
  • I have tried to swap SIM slots

Who is your provider in which country?

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That seems to be the case indeed. I just get the error message ‘FileLink Expired’. I also tried to login to with my ‘My Fairphone’ credidentials, but that didn’t work either.

For me it looks like that this is the internal file sharing platform Fairphone uses and someone unintentionally set an expiration date for the download link. But that’s just a guess.

You could try to e-mail, as this is the address it gives when you click on the ‘Support’ button on the password reset page of

provider : SFR
country : France

I ordered and installed a recent SIM a week ago.

I’ve seen posts which had users with same provider in France who got the update

Thanks I sent them an email. I will update the topic if I get an answer !

I think its actually on hold for your provider to avoid issues


All right that settles it thank you, I must have missed that topic.

I won’t force a manual install if there is an issue with my provider but maybe others would like to do it. So I’ll update the topic I get an answer from !


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