Android 12 has come to the FP4

Anyone else not having the Mic and Camera quick toggle switches? I can’t find them in my quick settings editor

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Indicators for Alarm and Timer are missing in Statusbar.


Ha, found it. Developer options->Quick settings developer tiles, and there you can show or hide it. I had it checked, so I unchecked, checked again, and voila, it is there! Unofrtunately, its position cannot be altered and it always sits on the first quick settings position…

I don’t remember setting this up on A11 when I received the phone, so it has to be something new to A12 probably…

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Haven’t known this existed! Thanks, that’s a great usability boost :slight_smile:


:es: Actualización a Android 12 descargada, instalada y funcionando en FP4 con eSIM de Pepephone.
:uk: Android 12 update downloaded, installed and running on FP4 with Pepephone eSIM.
Thank you.

Oh, that’s actually missing, at least for me…

But I can confirm that with A11 5ghz Hotspot doesn’t work, when I connect to it, it is only 2,4

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I have a camera quick toggle, but can only seem to use it to start the camera app.

However, when the camera or microphone is active, a green dot appears on the status bar. Sliding the status bar down will turn it into a clickable icon from which you can change privileges for the app that’s currently using them.

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Update Switzerland. Swisscom no update at all until today. Neither Android 12 nor security update. Still on 5 November 22. Neither Swisscom nor Fairphone says anything about it. One probably does not want to hurt each other :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Same here, on Orange France. Let’s face it, we’re using those “some Operators” which “will be delayed” (see first post). We’ll simply have to wait till our Operators have finished updating their bloatware apps so they can correctly pollute that new A12 version… Or whatever.

According to @Yasen_Tomov, “with some luck, it will be out before the end of March”. Patience, it’s just 2 months (or more)… :pensive:

What happened to the Material U feature? I cannot change any colour… The option doenst exist, I can only change the wallpaper. Any Ideas why FP leave this feature out?


I’m in Switzerland on the digitec connect nework (using the Sunrise network), and I’ve just received the update. Installing now!

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You could use the Repainter app. That works just fine on my rooted FP4

Yes I read about that, but I’m not a geek and I dont dare to root my phone :).


Android 12 without the TOP The Android 12 features :frowning: , plus bugs in the Laucher :frowning: see under the other Thread:
Customisation features not in FP4 version of Android 12?

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Thank you, Google, for the Android 12 upgrade… NOT.

While it is great that Fairphone offers the latest version (and hopefully will do that for the next few years), it is a disappointment having to adapt to a fundamentally different UI without being able to make adjustments (e. g. customising “material you”, changing/disabling the lock screen clock &c.)

Thankfully I’m not affected by the BT issue reported elsewhere, but I do miss the ability to make screenshots via three-finger tap or via the rightmost of the three navigation buttons. I’ve always had problems with the clumsy volume down+shutoff method.

Don’t know if Android12 contains a lot of important security fixes, but if not it would be great if Fairphone could offer the opportunity to download and revert to Android11.

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Although I cannot release specific information about the carriers’ approval processes and status, I can tell you that the tests performed both on Fairphone’s and partners’ side are thorough and cover a multitude of different areas (from customization to telephony features).

Sometimes, especially during OS letter upgrades, issues can be found during these testing sessions and it is not always so easy to solve them. Generally speaking, when Fairphone makes the decision not to release a specific software to a portion of customers, it is because the software can negatively impact the usability of the device, one way or another.
And that would make receiving the software update pointless, as the users affected would encounter a degraded experience.

We are working hard to align the user experience on Android 12 for all our users as soon as possible.


Thank you for your explanation. But if the respective providers were named, there would be clear conditions. So we do not know if it is the phone or the provider.
Kind regards

Yeah I feel the same. A bit surprised they removed this. I used to screenshot by scrolling up and then pressing the screenshot button. That button is now gone. Very peculiar.


jeah the BT bug is just one setting that has to be changed (turn off Qualcom AptX).
Except one guy with a more serious problem about power consumption, but it seems to be just one person.

And are those features in other “nearly stock” Android 12 versions? Or is it a general 11->12 problem?

Great, thanks for letting us know!

I downloaded and installed it and it works fine. Good job!

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