Android 10 upgrade - Random reboots

Thanks for the help @BertG.

Not sure if it helps, but I’ll post anyway. I have a FP3 and upgraded to Android 10 resulting in many reboots each day. I turned off the wifi and no reboots since. Today I turned it on just to check and I had a reboot within two hours. So for me, it helps turning off the wifi.


I see a pretty clear link between the reboots and switching between wifi and 4g. Ever since @Jvnn pointed it out I’ve been carefully watching the behavior and noticed that most of the reboots happen in one specific location in my home. A spot where my Wifi has the least connectivity and i often switch to 4g. Another place where i noticed it was when leaving home and losing connection with the Wifi outside. My carrier for wifi and mobile is T-mobile. Could it be that the Wifi hardware plays a role? When in my office at work it doesn’t seem to trigger reboots when switching between connectivity. Don’t know what wifi carrier we have there.


Hi everyone,

Thanks for flagging this issue both here and with our customer support team. Currently, our software team is investigating this issue. They are also liaising with the manufacturer to find a solution.

As this is random, our team is in the process of collecting information in order to identify a pattern to reproduce the issue. Therefore, if you are experiencing random reboots and have not yet contacted our customer support team, please do so. When doing so, please include the following information:

  • Network Operator(s)
  • Country where experiencing the issue
  • Build number (settings > about phone > build number)
  • Steps to reproduce the issue. (For example, if it happens after using certain apps, making a call, etc.)
  • Whether you are using a SD card
  • Frequency of the issue.

In the meantime, each case will be handled by our customer support team. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience, but thank you for your patience and understanding. As soon as I have an update, I will return to this thread with more information.



I had about 2 or 3 random reboots on a warm day when I carried the FP3 in a pouch, and otherwise used Maps and left it on or something like that. The device was very hot! It was a few weeks ago, still running Android 9. I don’t use microSD as of now in FP3 ("64 GB should be enough for me :wink: ").

I really don’t want to sound like an apologist, but the situation wasn’t by any means normal (it was warm, I had the device in a pouch, and I left Maps on).

Given I recently read this trick I wonder if it actually might be EM triggered from hot weather.

Maybe - in your case - it was just due to (extreme) overheating?
Don’t know, if this really can happen as a safety measure, but I wouldn’t be surprised either.

I updated about ten days ago and since then my phone has been shutting down at random, perhaps two or three times a day. Any ideas on how to fix?

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I moved your post here as it is more appropriate for a discussion. Please have a look at this thread.

Thanks Alex, I’ve read the thread now and have cleared the cashe from all Apps, will let you know whether that helps.

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I have the same problem. One time, immediately after the update, wile I was opening an app (Telegram), twice by pressing the power button during a call and other random.

I took my memory card out that seems to of work cross fingers toes and pray to all Holy things

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I am 100% convinced the random reboots have something to do with the latest Android 10 Upgrade. My phone was running perfectly well until I received the notification I should upgrade. I successfully ignored it for weeks until I was forced to upgrade (no option anymore to postpone). Literally, after the upgrade the phone started with the random reboots…no matter if on the phone, on the desk or elsewhere. How can I undo the upgrade? I am sure this problem would disappear if I hadn´t Android 10.


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You could use the file FP3-REL-2.A.0134-20200703.120010-userdebug-fastbootimage.7z from here …

… with the guide from here (not downloading the file suggested in the guide) …

Be aware that a downgrade of the major Android version (from Android 10 back to 9) as well as unlocking/relocking the bootloader (included in the guide) will force a factory reset, so you will lose your data on the phone if you follow this procedure, so backup all your important data beforehand or make sure it is completely synced to the internet.


Yes me too.

They broke my phone. FP3 with Android10 = randomreboots.

See this: Android 10 with bugs - e.g. reboots (build ....0045)
And yes, I have contacted support too.

They should really not wrongly announce a beta version as an essential upgrade, that is very bad style IMHO.

Any FP veterans here? --> how many hours days weeks months years does it usually take until new versions are released?

Phone is declared BROKEN until new build is released.

Thanks rae, that is helpful. Good that you are working on it.

That was 2 weeks ago. Any progress?

Could you perhaps publish a short list of things I can do that might possibly reduce the number of randomreboots? (e.g. airplane more, uninstall certain apps, etc.)

Even if not 100% sure, that would help already.

Stuff we can try.


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Already more than an hour now without a reboot. Whew. Hooray.

Solved: Forget the cellular phone network functionality for now, it’s broken. Use internet telephony, whatsapp, signalapp, SIP, … whatever.

What to do: Switch to airplane mode, then enable WiFi & bluetooth manually.

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For those still struggling.
When you install the latest update the random reboot issue should be solved.

I first tried with just doing a manual update, but got a bit stuck there. So I decided to do a reset of the phone (be sure to first remove your SIM and SD cards). When I started to phone without the SIM and SD and checked for an update version 8901.3.A.0045.20200605 appeared available which will solve the issue.


I had NO such issue with Android 9 …

… UNTIL then I installed the update which is called

10 (8901.3.A.0045.20200905)

The random reboots happened THEN, i.e. now.

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DId you remove SIM card before installing the update?
If not this might be the cause of the problem. In that case, if the problem remains, I recommend removing SIM card (and SD card if you have one), and reset the phone the factory settings.


@Sietse, what is your information based on that performing a factory reset with the SIM cards being removed should fix the issue?

As mentioned in post 21, performing a factory reset has not helped. Granted, @DanSmith mentioned that he had removed the SD card but didn’t mention the SIM there, so it might after all be a different situation.

Yet, please don’t get wrong, but before performing a factory reset and invest hours over hours again in backup-restore-and-reconfigure activities, I’d like to have more information available than a hint that might or might not work.

Also, I do have the build 20200905 installed already: will it suffice to do the factory reset or would this approach only have helped, if the update itself has been performed with the SIM cards being removed (which they weren’t in my case).

Also, in my humble opinion, Fairphone should offer a better solution than to ask their customers to reinstall everything from scratch.

What’s the official status on this issue?
It’s been over a month now since the release of the - for at least some customers - problematic Android 10 upgrade: could Fairphone please post a status and keep us in the loop? (Yes I’m in contact with support and no I haven’t received a possible timeline or hint on what’s going on.)
I don’t wanna start a flamewar here, but just to make clear how unbearable the current situation to those affected is: The weird thought of replacing my FP3 with a phone by another manufacturer has already crossed my mind several times now…!