Android 10 with bugs - e.g. reboots (build ....0045)

I am sad that I upgraded to Android10.

That “there is an important update, you are behind” (or whatever it was) message finally convinced me - that notification was too annoying really. Usually I am very skeptical with installing always the newest software, because new versions are often full of bugs. But when the version …00045 had been announced for several weeks, and the message became unbearable … I finally went for it. Bad choice.

Now my phone reboots.
3 times already today, within 2 hours.
Totally unreliable, impossible to work with.

Your update has essentially BROKEN the phone. Can I send it back, and you return the money?

Please tell me:

(a) WHEN do you publish the next build version in which this is fixed?
… judging by the build number, it is already 7 weeks old, so the new one will be soon?

(b) How to downgrade to without loosing apps and data?
I was very happy with Android 9 !

The current Build number is: 8901.3.A.0045.20200905

And an important suggestion for the future:


Make it optional; give a “go away, do not remind again” button. Tell us “we are not sure about this version, rather not use it yet”, and possibly even a “this is beta probably, a fixed version will be released x weeks later”.

Then we can choose ourselves. I was happy with Android 9.

When will there be a new build?



This is a community forum. To have official support about your issues please #contactsupport. Also, contacting them will help understand the origin of the issues and it may bring the update quicker.

You can post in this thread: Android 10 upgrade - Random reboots

AFAIK they are working on an update which should fix some things and improve the camera software, but I don’t know anything and I think they don’t want to promise any update before they are sure it will be released. At least, I think they are actively working on it.


Oh gosh, this is terrible:

So many people with the same broken device. Same bug. And already for many weeks. Do something, please.

  • –> When will there be a new build? <–

Thanks for your superquick answer.

To have official support about your issues please #contactsupport.

Yes, done that. I’ve pointed them to this thread here: Android 10 with bugs - e.g. reboots (build ....0045)

Now which phone will I use instead, until they fixed the broken version?

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You might revert to Android 9 as described above.


Thanks a lot:


Hmmm … not good.

So my next question would then be, if I get back to the exact state of the system when I had backuped with these commands:

adb backup -shared -f backup-shared.ab
adb backup -noshared -all -apk -system -f backup-noshared-all-apk-system.ab

I had done that while I was still on Android 9, shortly before Android 10.

If I downgrade and then restore from that backup-shared.ab archive … will everything be back as before, or will I loose anything?


Question now again is - how quickly will there be a fix … because … workaround found:

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AND: Already more than 1 hour now without a reboot !!! Whew. Hooray.

Solved: Forget the cellular phone network functionality, for now. It’s broken. Use internet telephony, whatsapp, signalapp, SIP, … whatever.

What to do: Switch to airplane mode, then enable WiFi & bluetooth manually.

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Hi Andreas,

I feel you and I understand your frustration. But I can assure you that Android 10 is not the root cause of your issues - because on my FP3 it works without any spontaneous reboots.

I experienced some connectivity issues after the upgrade because an IPv6 only APN had been set for my carrier (Deutsche Telekom). After manually re-adding the DS APN everything works for me without any major issues.

But fingers crossed for everybody with issues that Fairphone will soon release a new update that is going to fix those.

Best wishes,


Thanks a lot.

Hooray: 7 hours now without a single spontaneous reboot. I have been on “airplane mode” the whole time. So yes it’s very probably related to cellular phone issues. As long as I use my phone not as a phone, all is good probably. Lol.

Yes and no. Because on mine it is; Android 9 showed no such issue. And I think a phone should catch any outside network changes, not just crashing. Regardless how weird the network operator is behaving. Right?

And sorry, I was not precise. I did’nt want to say that it is Android10 itself, but rather the faiphone3-adaptation of Android10.

Could you give me a walk through, how to try that out. Thanks.


I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. Yesterday I had one reboot. That’s the first one since upgrading.

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Hello again,

Just go to Settings > Network and Internet > Mobile network > Advanced > Access Point Names and add the internet.telekom APN with the specs from


Not sure if this solves your reboot issues, but it won’t hurt, anyway.

Good luck and best wishes,


Great. Thanks.

That might not be the problem, as I am almost sure that I had “mobile internet” switched OFF (and used WiFi) while the crashes happened.

But I’ll try …

Done that now, will try non-aeroplane-mode again (until next crash).


No further complaints from the device for a day, means that the prescription works?


This rebooting seems to be a specialty of Fairphone generally, - I have a Fairphone 2, which does this every other day, now with Android 7, formerly with Android 6. Fairphone is a very mixed experience to me - that is one of the reasons I probably will not go for the Fairphone 3, or any other future Fairphone, until I hear that this kind of problems are finally resolved.

Yes and no (though I have to admit, that I don’t know if other brands face similar troubles).

With the FP2 it was / is a design problem.
The modularity, was taken a step too far. The display is fixed in a click/snap way and the phone is pretty flexible.
All this leads to the loss of contact between the modules and troubles like reboots.
An additional problem was (at least) a batch of phones with a battery frame, that was a tiny bit too wide, thus making the battery move and loose contact -> reboot.

The FP3 was meant to adress those troubles. The phone as such is more rigid and sturdy. It is way less flexible and can not be bent and twisted like the FP2.
The display is fixed with 13 screws, adding to that stability.

Therefore a major cause for reboots with the FP2 should be gone with the FP3.

And if I got it right, reboots of the FP3 are mostly caused by some software troubles.
The advantage is, that such troubles can be fixed softwarewise, which is virtually impossible with the design flaws of the FP2.


I have been mostly keeping it on airplane mode.

Where can I read more about the update FP3 3.A.0054 ? A version log, history, anything?
Is a fix for the random reboots part of that update?

The random-reboot problems only started with update 3.A.0045, and this time I’d like to read first what I am getting myself into.


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Me on on Android 10 + the first patch: rebooting randomly during phone calls with and without bluetooth conection

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This thread has already answered a lot of my troubles with Android10. My device also has certain apps that do not work after the update, such as Messenger for Facebook. Does anyone know what to do/have similar experiences? The app just doesn’t boot and tells me that it keeps shutting down.

What is the current verdict on 3.A.0054? My new FP3 keeps prompting me to install it but I’m obviously reluctant… I’m on Telekom in Germany (if that makes any difference).