Android 10 upgrade - Random reboots

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Thank you for the tips : )
I will definitely bear that in mind : |

I can confirm I hadn’t any reboots since I opened the device and tightened the screws :face_with_monocle:

May be the reboots were not caused by loosen components but by the background jobs running to finish the Android 10 update (some may fail multiple times), who knows.

Hi all, I am still having the random reboots. Today I had three. I kept @jvnn remark in my mind and it sounds plausible to me for at least two of the reboots i experienced today.

@jvnn It sounds promising after 4 days without reboot. Any updates?

@chreguh any updates on your trial to clear caches?

same here … after the loss of `phone’ as storage-option and all the contacts I’ve stored there it startet with random reboots now and then, out of the blue, with full accu.
the reinstalling of specific ringtones to contacts works only in 50 % …
what next ?
I envy everybody who did no android 10 upgrade …

When I am using my phone it’s resets like there is something wrong with it or it is being over worked. Am I doing something wrong I am just trying to set a SIM card up and then trying to make a phone call all and then I’m watching YouTube

Or is my phone faulty and therefore need to go back under it warranty

Contacting support will always be a good thing to do anyway. So you should contact them, sure.

What do you mean by resetting?

Resetting as turning off when I not ask it too

I emailed the support people

I moved your posts here, as these are random reboots and not resets.
You can have a look around.

Ok so it s popular fail that not been dealt with :’(

I might have found a pattern for my reboots. At least the last three times happened at the edge of my WiFi coverage, while my phone switched between WiFi and the mobile network. It seems like a Linux kernel panic (the whole phone freezes like my Linux laptop does on panics) so perhaps it’s due to a buggy WiFi (or LTE) driver…? I’ll use the phone with WiFi off for a few days and see if it makes a difference.

I think you might be onto something here @jvnn. I’ve been on holiday for a week and barely used WiFi in that time and guess what? No reboots. I get home and onto WiFi and get a reboot within half an hour.

My WiFi setup at home is pretty complex too, lots of extenders and routers (I live in an old house with thick walls) so just walking from room to room can mean that my phone loses connection to the WiFi, and falls back to cellular momentarily before it can connect to the next access point. I’m going to look into this some more.


I think a link between connectivity and Android 10 issues has been proposed before so you might be onto something.

This makes me wonder if the the carrier also comes into play. (Perhaps not with this issue if it is indeed related to WiFi). Might it be interesting to see if we can link issues to specific carriers?

I myself have had zero issues with both Android 9 and 10.


On Tuesday I had a reboot outside with WiFi turned off, so there goes my theory about switching between WiFi and mobile net. It might still have something to do with the network stack, though, as I had a very spotty connection and a lot of switching between network operators.

I was trying to provoke a reboot by using the phone near the edge of my WiFi connection, but didn’t succeed so far.

I thought my phone had sorted it self but it turned it self off again after hour and half }:‑)

No response yet from fair phone about this issue


Alex, Fair phone makers I was listening to radio back ground waiting for a call and it choose to turn it self off about 11.55.

It was doing nothing taxing

Wat do I need to do to get help. I so far left it in this community and contacted customer service. I thinking do I need to drop Ethical Consumer or ombudsman to hight lite this or communication mp

I rather not please help

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Please note you are not addressing Fairphone here. This a community forum. So it’s good that you contacted support.

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I don’t have WiFi on my phone so that can’t be it

At moment. I with Giffgaff for cell service and on android 10

FWIW I’m on GiffGaff (MVNO on O2 network) too - I had to follow the instructions here to get data working originally: Data not working

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First step to check would be removing the SIM card(s) and seeing if it reboots.
Could one of you experiencing the issue try this (if you didn’t already do it, I can’t remember if it has been suggested already)?

This is what I have observed too - when on mobile internet then I have zero reboots. When I turn WIFI on, then soon (within hours or max day) there is reboot. For known reasons (that needs fixing :sweat_smile:) I have unstable WIFI at home and get disconnects from WIFI regularly.

I also tried to turn off mobile internet as fallback, but still got reboots (so it couldn’t be switching between WIFI<->mobile, but rather WIFI itself losing connection).

I have read your newer messages that still getting reboots on mobile internet, but this I haven’t observed for me. For past week I’ve been like 95% on mobile internet and no reboots, and 5% on WIFI where I get reboot and then I decide to go back to mobile internet until I need smth from local WIFI network.

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So, it really looks like a problem with the upgrade, that some users are facing.
For them - and for the time being - turning back to Android 9 might be the best option.
Meanwhile I expect Fairphone to work frantically on a solution. To help them, once again this hint

Everyone having troubles should contact support and add the information of the network provider and the country

The link to Android 9, that I posted in this thread is still working. Just be aware, that going back requires backing up your data, as they will be wiped (if I am not mistaken):