Android 10 upgrade - Random reboots

@rae could you ask the relevant persons to look into this, as it seems quite a few people have this issue?


Could it be because of a too warm CPU? I have the feeling my phone is warmer now than before at the CPU location.

Note that I experienced no unexpected reboot since the update.

Just installed “FP3 3.A.00045” (August 5, security patches).
Not getting my hopes up for the stability side of things, but it’s a new build after all - let’s see… :innocent:


I had random reboots as well after ubgrading to Android 10. This morning i clear the caches of the most used apps like browser mail etc… Ever since it worked without reboot. I will get back tomorrow with an update…


Just want to add I have the same behavior with FP3 - no reboots with Android 9, after upgrade get occasional reboots randomly.

No SD card in use.
Don’t suspect there is any specific app triggering it, had reboots when using Settings app, most of the time while browsing (99% of time I use the phone for browsing).

Will do. Thanks for flagging.


Just installed the latest security patches (8901.3.A.0045.20200905), I’m still getting reboots.

Same issue here.

Bought my FP3 about 10 months ago. Experiencing about 1 to 6 random reboots, 4 on average, a day since the android 10 update. Never had it before. Have seen reboots while it was lying around, charging, using the phone in settings app and other apps. Dropped a question for any fixes with the support team this morning.

Although these fixes seem invalidated for causing the issue;

  1. No SD card in use
  2. Didn’t tighten my screw yet but i’ll do today, probably good anyway.
  3. Installed the latest security patch without any change in reboot behavior
  4. Didn’t do a full factory reset. Not very keen on doing so unless I know it does fix the issue.
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Just chiming in to say that I’m having the reboot issues as well, continues after both the Android 10 and security patch updates.

no more reboots today, looks like this fixed it!


I have removed the SD card completely and still have the reboots. Immediately afterwards the rate of reboot reduced but it’s now increased again.

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Thanks for checking and I’m sorry to hear that! It seems unfortunately unrelated as @MorayM had the same experience.

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Exactly the same issue as [CCasper] ‘’(…) I’m having the reboot issues as well, continues after both the Android 10 and security patch updates.’’

Did the second security update last night, and today rebooted 3 times and last night once (which I think it was prior to the second update). Before the update, in 9 months of use, never had a random reboot. Very stable.
This is very, very, very annoying. Please fix it quickly (and is it is happening to a considerable number of users. If this should matter…).

I might have found a pattern for my reboots. At least the last three times happened at the edge of my WiFi coverage, while my phone switched between WiFi and the mobile network. It seems like a Linux kernel panic (the whole phone freezes like my Linux laptop does on panics) so perhaps it’s due to a buggy WiFi (or LTE) driver…? I’ll use the phone with WiFi off for a few days and see if it makes a difference.


@chreguh, thanks for your posts - just cleared all apps’ caches, let’s see if that fixes things here as well.

(The latest security patch didn’t change anything for me.)


Unfortunately it didn’t help for me: just had a reboot again… :grimacing:

I had only 1 reboot since I wiped cache on most of my apps. Did it again after last firmware update.

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Hi all,

here the same problem, since the upgrade from Android 9 to Android 10, the random rebooting occurred also to me (never had it before!), for example, only considering today, it rebooted ~6 times. This is surely NOT ACCEPTABLE, my suggestion is NOT to pass to Android 10, if you need to, just wait for this issues to be solved!

Also, I cannot find a pattern for the issue. I am suspecting the RAM is getting full, but it does not make much sense. I will keep the performance under control from now on…Any idea, on the possible cause?



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Just a quick update: so far no reboots since my last post on Thursday. I have occasionally used WiFi as well, but only where I have good coverage. When I have a little time again I’ll try provoking a reboot by forcing switches between WiFi and mobile network. If that indeed is the problem, that should be relatively easy to reproduce.


Hello all,

An update: after two days without any reboot (Friday and Saturday), yesterday afternoon, rebooted when changing an app.

Question: How can I downgrade to Android 9, if necessary?
Thank you.