All kind of spare parts for FP3 🇨🇭

Sorry for being offtopic, but did you recognise the words on the newspaper? “(s)elbst zerlegt” which means “I disassembled it on my own”. :smiley:


Maybe this is interesting for you @PackElend

It was not my intention but still a great pun :joy: just wanted to show the date bc the phone cannot do that anymore…
however, the article is about the Spanish party podemos which disassemble itself at the moment. The article in German is not behind a paywall, if you’re interested: Spanien: Podemos – Aufstieg und Fall einer linken Hoffnung | WOZ Die Wochenzeitung

thx for letting @angels_zurich know about it. There has been some sudden death reports recently, knowing that there are spare parts to double check the remaining models could be helpful.


Hello t37,
I ruined my FP3 display today, can I buy yours ?

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Sudden death also the reason behind my post:

t37, you’re a star!
thank you so much!


glad it worked so well! It’s a pleasure to see it being used again and you having a working phone :raised_hands:


So, after selling the display module the following are still avaible:

  • Rear module
  • Battery
  • Speaker Module
  • Bottom Module
  • Top Module
  • Camera Module (48 MP, upgraded it)
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The buttons were sold in the mean time as well…

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T37 Is that rear module still available? (I live in UK)

Yes, it’s still available but of course mailing will cost a bit…

Hi T37

I would like to know how much you want for the FP3 Rear Module including postage to UK.

Will I be able to pay you through PayPal?



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Is the battery still available?? And, if so, do you know if is valid for an FP3+?. Thank you

yes the battery is still avaible
I should be completely mistaken, but I think it has always been the same battery for both models.
But perhaps you should quickly research here in the forum or on the fp page if you’re not sure

It is the same, see the small header which is not part of the preview:

Fairphone 3 & 3+


Oh, I see, thank you

How can we discuss the details privately?
I’m pretty new here

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