All kind of spare parts for FP3 🇨🇭

It is the same, see the small header which is not part of the preview:

Fairphone 3 & 3+


Oh, I see, thank you

How can we discuss the details privately?
I’m pretty new here

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Hi, is the camera still available? Mine just stopt working two weeks ago. Looking for a replacement, and it is (currently) not in the shop. Thanks

Yes, it is.
To give a quick update, the following modules are still avaible:

  • Battery
  • Speaker Module
  • Bottom Module
  • Top Module
  • Camera Module (48 MP, upgraded it)

Hi @t37,
I would be interested in battery, bottom & top module, can ship within EU quickly?

Hi Tir,
Yes I can send within EU. However, it goes through customs as it’s sent out of Switzerland.
The last part, the rear module I brought to post on a Tuesday and it arrived in GB on Saturday. But I also sent sthng to Germany and it took about a week as it was seen as suspect at customs…
I could perhaps send it tomorrow, certainly on Monday.
Let me know, if you’re interested. And please propose a prize for the modules. Shipment will be additionally


I’m interested in bottom module. If it’s avalaible, I propose you a prize of 10 euros + shipment of course.

Let me know,


Unfortunately the shipping might be to slow in that case, thanks! and sorry maybe you can go with Mathieu

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Hi t37,

Camera module is still available? I’ll offer 20 euro + shipment to Italy.

Take care,

Hi Leonardo
Yes, the camera module ist still available. I’m however busy right now, so probably I wont get to ship it before weekend.
20€ seems to me a bit cheap for a camera that was only used for not even a year, is in perfect shape and ran out of stock. But let me check the shipping costs and we will find a solution.
Write me a PM with how you would want to pay if you’re still interested.

quick update, the following modules are still avaible:

  • Battery
  • Speaker Module
  • Bottom Module
  • Top Module
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Hi t37,
I am intersted by your speaker module. How do you want to proceed if it is still available ?
Have a great day,

I’m assuming you don’t live in CH. Because I’m sending by Post instead of UPS it’s a bit cheaper.
You could propose a prize by PM and on which way you intended to pay.

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Thx for the quick reply, I’m in France indeed. I am not sure how I can send PM or maybe it’s because I’m new on the forum. Could you do it please ?

Yes, if you new, you cannot do it yet