On/off-switch of FP3+ is defect

so I search someone in or around Mainz or Frankfurt (Main) who would try to repair it for a fair price - or someone, who buys all modules but the basic module (including all my lost data and the defect switches).

You mean your power button is broken?

If so you most likely need the rear module only available second hand from a broken/dead phone

Sorry, the buttons were sold in the mean time as well…

i could send you my old button PCB for the core module. I have replaced it with one from a broken core module a FP Angel here in the forum supplied me with. It does not work perfect, but it did function okay-ish.
It is rather easy to replace, maybe get some help at a local repair café.

Here’s images of the part to be replaced. It is really tiny.

This thread has more information.


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