Power button dead. If you fixed it, how did you do?

Hello everyone!

My fp3 is out of warranty, and the power button requires a significant number of presses to be triggered.
I have ruled out software as the cause, because the issue is 100% consistent: whatever the powerstate (off, bootloader, on) or the OS (android, /e/OS, lineageOS), the button just does not work.
Support offered me the classic 3 options: send to fairphone for repairs, repair locally, or recycle.
I’ll try the local repair shop eventually, but before, I really want to:

  • Learn your experiences with power button failure. I might have missed something, or there may be another solution. You might also confirm if local repair shops can fix power buttons.
  • Mess with the phone myself. I mostly bought a fairphone for this :wink: Is it reeeaaaally not possible to get the buttons PCB (or the button itself) and swap it ? I’m okay with soldering iron and I’ll either succeed or I laugh from the idiocy of my action, and send it for recycling or sell the intact modules.

Notes: I read the following posts (among others) and it did not help:
FP3 Power Button Unresponsive - Help / Fairphone 3 - Fairphone Community Forum → Not my issue
:pencil2: List of local repair shops that are familiar with Fairphones (by City) - Help / Guides - Fairphone Community Forum → FP2. Also the only shop in Toulouse, France seems closed.

Thank you for your time everyone! Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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It would be difficult finding a new pcb

Have you dismantled the phone and looked at the pcb/switch

What do you use the power button for?

I use the fingerprint sensor to wake up the phone, so don’t require the power button.

Some images of the power button strip if you haven’t seen it yet

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Hi amoun,
Yes, I already fiddled it to clean & directly check if it’s not stuck. Thank you for the pictures, it will be useful if I want to prepare another intervention :slight_smile:
I use it to lock/unlock/open camera, but those three functions are disrupted:

  • I cannot easily lock the phone. I know some phones can lock by double tapping the status bar, but I couldn’t find it in my setting. I might have missed it.
  • Like most of us, I unlock with the fp reader, yes. However, because the phone is hard to lock, I usually store it in my pocket with the reader touching my leg to prevent accidental input on the screen. There is however accidental inputs on the reader, which disables itself after too many “tries”.
  • I don’t mind losing the easy camera access;

That does not exist however you can try the app Wave Up


Hey I used this app a long time ago, but completely forgot about it! Thanks a lot :partying_face: I just set it up to lock and unlock my fp3.
I’ll keep trying stuff this week and contact my shop. If nothing works out, I’ll tag WaveUp as the solution.
EDIT: I still cannot turn on and off my phone in less that one or two minutes of assaulting my power button :confused:

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You just gave me the idea of buying a dead fp3 and salvage a button or PCB… I’ll ask around me.


I’m Beta testing A13 beta on my FP3 so can’t check this but now if I pull down the status bar there is an option to power off the phone. I can’t remember if there was such an option before. I usually and used to have automatic lock via timing (Display setting)

By the way. The A13 is out for testing there will be no A12 for the FP3 :slight_smile:

Full screen when pulldown



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As soon as A13 is released that means I will only have the power on issue then :slight_smile: e/OS/ also had these options. I have never been impatient for a feature upgrade in my life :o

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I never ever saw that fucntion on my actual up to date FP3 (slightly modded) stock ROM so I guess that´s a new feature

Nice to see that this could be part of future updates.
Thx @anon9989719

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Its a feature introduced with Android 12

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Thanks for this detail from a FP3@A11 fool :wink:

I appreciate both your answers but please don´t let my comments distract from the main topic so let´s get back to it


Hi @dotsumae

I think this would be the way to go. I experience the same / a similar problem with the power button and just need to replace the clicker. The button strip, while being easy exchangeable, is not available as spare part. If sb. from fairphone HQ could give specs of those little switches/buttons, a skilled solder-soldier and/or a well-equipped repair café/makerspace should be able to swap it rather easily.

Using a dead fp3 as an organ donor is easier said than done, I’m afraid as there don’t seem to be too many dead fp3’s available here or on eBay etc.

Next problem might just be how to order just ONE (or a few) of those switches and not 10 000…

Any other ideas or hints?



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