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This situation just means that the Austrian Angels are becoming professionals. :sunglasses:


Thank you, Stefan, I just sent an e-mail :slight_smile:


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Wir feiern spontan die Great Things ahead, morgen!!! :woot:


Nicht vergessen: Morgen ist Südwind Straßenfest.
Wir sind für jedes Wetter gerüstet.
:sun_with_face: = :tada:
:cloud: = :tshirt:
:sun_behind_rain_cloud: + :phone: = #waterwiki
:cloud_with_rain: = :circus_tent:
:tornado: = :wave:


I’ll drop by but guess you already expected that :wink: See you tomorrow


Damit hätte ich eigentlich gar nicht gerechnet nach dem gestrigen Tag. :slight_smile:


I was hoping to see you again! :smiley:

I’m bringing my notebook and am prepared to revive even hard #dic:bricked FP1. :wink:



Viel Erfolg, die Herr- und Frauschaften! :slight_smile:


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:warning: :construction_worker_man: :construction_worker_woman: +++ Working for you +++ :blue_heart:


Quite sunny … hope Fairphone isn’t turning into a sweatshop after all today! :wink:

And (only) at first sight, I was wondering if Werner was actually signing T-shirts! :smiley:


more pictures:


Save a t-shirt for me please, I’ll only scare people away if I wear my old one (luckily my FP1 is in much better condition :wink: )


Which size? :wink: M, L or XL?


I know I’m getting old and fat but XL???


Ok, reserved for a loyal community member! :muscle:


M please :wink: And thanks


We did end up in the sweatshop! :scream:

Südwind Flashmob 01

Südwind Flashmob 02

Südwind Flashmob 03

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f.l.t.r.: @Lars @paulakreuzer @werner_noebauer @Martin @EvaS @z3ntu @Stefan @Stanzi

:de: :gb: Rückblick | Austrian Fairphoners