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Es gibt wieder was zu feiern!!! :smiley: Siehe auch https://austrianfairphoners.org (ganz oben).


Und, wer ist schon in Feierstimmung?

Es ist noch nicht zu spät sich zu entschließen heute Abend vorbei zu kommen. Info oben.


Can I use that image for the WeAreFariphone twitter account to post about today’s meeting?


Tisch ist schon gedeckt.

Can we build a Fairphone 2 by purchasing all its parts?

Mmmm … I love the Community Cake! :yum:


Ich muss schon sagen, ihr habt’s drauf. Esst ein stück für mich mit!!! Ich wünsche euch einen super Abend.


I hope you all had a great night with many nice and sweet things!


F. l. t. r.: Anna, @paulakreuzer, @z3ntu, @werner_noebauer, @Stanzi, Gerhard, @Lars, @Stefan, @EvaS
Not on picture: @Martin, Thomas

CC @Friek: Stuttgart is trendsetter

:de: :gb: Rückblick | Austrian Fairphoners

Fairphone sweets…


Copycats! :wink:

Love the pictures.


You’re the copycats. I had the idea on november 30th.


Looks like fun! :slight_smile: I wish I could have come! :-/


More pictures from our party yesterday:

Thanks to @Stefan for preparing a last minute picture gallery

Still a high FP1 rate here in Austria:


Awesome guys.
Congrats and thanks for three years of support.



Thanks! And thanks for the cool video :wink:


Happy 3 years you guys!! I’m Super happy to count with your support, knowledge and always inspiring energy! For more years to come Toi Toi Toi!! (probably not an Austrian expression…but is the only one that I know - we have to work on that - :slight_smile: )


We use this too! :wink:

Thank you to the whole team for your enthusiasm about the Austrian community! :blush:


Hi fairphoners!
I just found out about this community when searching for support/advice to fix my FP2… The touch function of the display doesn’t work anymore after I dropped it, and taking it out/cleaning contacts/putting back in - repeatedly - didn’t help.
It’s a pity that this happened just after your 3-Jahresfest in Vienna, and just before Christmas, too. Unfortunately I don’t know any other FP2 owner (yet). I’d be happy about any other advice - or the possibility to meet up and test if swapping the display solves the problem, before ordering the sparepart.
Thanks in advance & happy holidays!
LG Moni


Hi @moni_ha, please send us an email to vienna ät fairphone dot community. We will get in contact soon and someone will be able to meet up with you and even provide you with spare parts. :slight_smile:


@Stefan did you do a “how-to-sound-like-tech-support”-crashcourse? :smiley: