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Sweatshop workers… -uhm- Austrian Fairphoners on stage

What’s behind your consumption?


Nightshift (~21:15)


Big thanks to all Austrian Fairphoners who came and helped today :slight_smile:


I did! Great Job you guys! I looked amazing!
I also thought you were signing t-shirts! haha! :slight_smile:
Super happy to know that everything went well.




Hello dear all!
I’m starting the planning of Fairness Run.
And I was wondering if it would be possible for you to meet Bas sometime before the Fairness run event.
We would like to host a Meetup where you can ask Bas all the questions and/or get to meet him if you haven’t.
I would like to know when would be the best time for you. It could be the 27th of June before 4pm or the 28th in the morning around 11:30 am or before the run (19hrs.)

I don’t know how you usually decide this kind of things. Shall we make a poll?

Let me know,




We will be busy at the booth before the run and in the morning we will set up the booth.

It seems to me that Wednesday is the better option. Maybe we can have lunch together at Yamm?

@lina1 you could set up a quick poll right here in a forum post. Simply click the :gear: symbol and then “build poll”. :slight_smile:

Edit: @AustrianFairphoners @Lars please vote below. All others are of course also very welcome to vote.


Caution: Lunch option is actually 13-14h!

  • 27th of June 12-13hrs (lunch)
  • 27th of June 14-15hrs
  • 27th of June 15-16hrs
  • 28th of June 930-1030hrs (breakfast)

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Thanks @Stefan I made it! Had no idea I could do this here!


I would love to meet Bas again and the rest of you but I’ll be busy building the Roskilde Festival by then.
Have a great meetup and Fairness Run


Hey guys! I have a slight problem.
I’ve been informed that he will have an interview from 12-13 the 27th of June.
Is it possible we make it a bit late lunch? 13-14?
I can’t change the poll since more than 15 mins have passed. Sorry about this.
Can someone help me change the time from 13-14 and delete the 12-13 option?




This is a discourse thing. Nobody can edit polls once someone voted.
I added a warning above the poll and I’m sure @Stefan and @Stanzi will change their votes if the new time doesn’t work for them.


Ah ok Fantastic thanks! I’m still a newbie with the Forum! :slight_smile:


Austrian Fairphoners - changes in doing events:

25.8.2016: FairErleben
we had:

  • some flyers, stickers and a small spot on the Südwind info table (thanks to Südwind)
  • wearing Fairphone T-Shirts
  • used our own Fairphones as demo phones

… some events later …

26.5.2018: Südwind Straßenfest 2018

we had:

  • our own booth 3x3m
  • 3 tables and 4 benches
  • 2 banners (Fairphone / T-Mobile)
  • a big Fairphone sidebanner (new) thanks to @lina1
  • a Fairphone flag
  • a Fairphone roll-up
  • many flyers and stickers
  • info sheets
  • T-Shirts in several designs and sizes
  • We all were wearing several “generations” of Fairphone T- Shirts
  • an Austrian Fairphoners stamp (“Stempel”)
  • 4 info boards with stencels
  • T-Mobile smartphone charging station
  • 2 demo Fairphone 2 devices
  • all covers (all colors)
  • many FP1 and FP2 spare parts
  • a laptop (private from @Stefan to upload the latest event pictures
  • free T-Mobile LTE based WiFi

    and many Austrian Fairphoners and FP1 and FP2 owners…

It’s amazing to do events and I hope to see you at the “Fairness run” (28.6.2018)…


…but still not enough.
In the end we had to ask people for pieces of paper to write our contact info on for them.


Hi @lina1
on Wednesday 27.6. Lunchtime is the only possible time for me. I have to be back in my office at 14:00, so it would be great if we could meet not too far away from the 7. district. E.g. Yamm or some restaurant in the MQ (Museumsquartier).


Hi Werner,

The earliest we can be there is at 13hrs. I hope you can make it. I will make a reservation at Yamm so is close by!




Bin beeindruckt.
('cause I know how much work is behind all this…)


Hi all!

Just a friendly reminder to meet me and Bas van Abel at Yamm this Wednesday 27th of June at 13hrs. We would love to say hi to you all and answer to your questions and perhaps do some repairs :slight_smile:



Mittagessen mit Bas und Lina im Yamm

I’ll join the lunch for sure! :smiley: Looking forward to it!


Congrats for the new RSVP option! :+1:

A new topic per event/meetup? (Improving calendar and map)