After Android 10 update, my FP3 doesn't detect SIM card

I did a manual update to Android 10 today. First everything looked great, but after rebooting, my SIM card wasn’t detected anymore. There aren’t even IMEI numbers for the SIM slots.

Any idea?

You could try a factory reset?

Yes, I did it several times. I’ve removed and inserted the SIM card, I’ve even repeated the whole update process again - nothing.

Did the installer show which partitions were flashed?

On my phone the empty SIM slot only shows an IMEI before clicking on that slot, the popup only shows “Unknown” twice. Do you see an IMEI there? (This is not visible in your screenshot)

No, I don’t. The flashing process in a Linux terminal didn’t show any errors.

I have checked the FP3_flashall program and it should not touch the modem1 and modem2 partitions which afaik contain the IMEI information.

You could try to enable ADB debugging, maybe there are some errors in the logcat which could help to identify this?

Or try to install an older manual installation image, e.g. this one for A.0120. The link for A.0134 does not seem to work anymore but I could try to upload FP3-REL-2.A.0134-20200703.120010-user-fastbootimage (2).7z if needed (but this will take a while).

Thanks for your kind support! Meanwhile I’ve downloaded and installed an FP3 Android 9 image following a link in another thread. So my phone is working again, but it’s quite annoying to have such serious bugs in an official ROM.

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Same problem here: after flashing FP3-REL-Q-3.A.0033-20200815.010936-user-fastbootimage-repack, both IMEI show up as ‘unknown’. In addition my FP3’s bootloader is locked, which results in unlockinging via code fails, too, as the IMEI seems to be checked in the process of validating the (previously working) unlock code. Any hints on how to get this unit back alive?

I didn’t need the code a second time. I just had to switch off the phone, boot into fastboot mode with Power-Volume- and unlock bootloader via adb.

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Bugger! WiFi seems to be buggy aswell, WPA2/PSK complains about ‘Authentication failed’ (no, i did not mistype the key (c: ). Had to use bluetooth tethering in order to gain internet access. I may have to wait for some bugfixes which i would then load via BT-tethering. More or less bricked, pretty annoying.

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Did you see this thread?


My HotD hero-of-the-day) award goes to you, pcm, for directing me to this thread (c:

the unlock method mentioned in the thread did the trick, re-flashed with older version, back alive (c:

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Glad it helped @Pumpfish!

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@formerFP.Com.Manager Is this something the Fairphone devs are already aware about? It basically makes the manual install file useless as it kills SIM functionality.

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Not sure if this applies to my case only, but on my FP3, after flashing mentioned release, not only IMEIs disappeared, but aswell WiFi was buggy: WPA2/PSK failed on authentication (no typos).

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@formerFP.Com.Manager Should this file really be online?

It’s offline now. Thanks!


A new image for manual installing Android 10 is available for Download again.
Hopefully it will fix this issue (and others!).


Anybody tried it? Kind of afraid to brick that thing once again. System update suggests FP3 3 A.0045 for a few days now, anyone?

I could finally update my phone the usual way (ota) yesterday, and for me everything is working flawlessly so far. Maybe I’m just lucky, but I can confirm none of the bugs posted in this or other threads any more. No reboots, no sound issues.


And just to mention: A.0045.20200905 broke my WiFi (fails on authentication on WPA2/PSK and WPA3/PSK).