Youtube stutters in full screen mode

Hello, I got my Fairphone for a week now and my biggest issue at the moment is, that youtube in full screen mode stutters. I deinstallted the app but it?didnt really help. Is the graphics chip to weak for it? Because internet isnt the bottleneck

Thanks for your help

Sounds like the same issue as below. It’s not something people can reproduce in general. Maybe you can share some more about your phone setup as in which apps you have installed, which networks you use while streaming YT, those kind of things.

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Yeah I did see this post. But it doesn’t seem it did go anywhere.
I have the green version of the fp4. I use the stock android version, that was on the phone at the beginning. And it doesnt seem to make a diffrence, if I use wifi or mobile signal internet. I do use plex in full screen in app form, but it’s not a problem with stutters in fullscreen mode.
After trying to use youtube in Chrome, it seems to not be a problem even in fullscreen mode.

What could be the issue with the app?

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It’s hard to say. I recently tried a custom ROM on my Pixel 3. Didn’t workout because of security warnings with some apps. So I reverted the official and last released ROM of February, for some reason the Google app (search, news, etc.) is now extremely slow. I won’t do another factory reset because my Fairphone 4 will be here in a few weeks, but I’m sure a reset would fix this.

If you don’t have much local stuff on it yet, then a factory reset might be a good idea.

Oh okay that would help I guess. But I did already install a lot of services that I need😅
Is there another way?
Are ingeneers of fairphone reading this forums too?

Occasionally, but not a good idea to imagine they are.

If you want official input you can contact support directly via email >support>fairphone>dot


(Luckily) I don’t have this same issue. But if it’s anything like my slow Google app on my Pixel 3, then I’ve tried the following already without success:

  • Clear cache+data of the app
  • Uninstalled updates
  • Installed new updates
  • Reboot

Nothing worked, but for sure a factory reset will work. Sometimes there are these weird quirks in Android. Overall a factory reset fixes them. Not ideal at all, but at least there is a way.

But like mentioned, you can of course #contactsupport to reach out to the engineers.

This magically got fixed over night for me. So dunno, you may wait for a magic fix, or do a factory reset. Please let us know if a factory reset did the trick.

If youtube videos work in a browser (like chrome etc) but stutter in another app then from my POV it´s not a matter of the FP´s hardware or the (stock) OS but a matter of the apps that make it stutter - I guess a bad implementation of video-codecs or similar.

I´d rather reach out to their support then - or use an alternative app. There are several nice alternatives for the data-hungry-youtube app :wink:


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I think you are right👍

Any examples for alternatives?

Nope, sorry, got no specific app at hand as recommendation. I use it on my FP ‘old school’ in a browser instead of an app - just my personal preference.

I’d suggest searching for a useful alternative in one of your preferred app stores … or probably someone else here can recommend a specific app

I can recommend NewPipe which also supports SoundCloud and Bandcamp :slight_smile:


I am not entirely sure yet, but I changed the micro sd card, which I use to expand the iternal storage and it seemsy, that this helped a lot.
Before the phone warned me, that the ussage of the older micro sd card could have some issue. But I would not have guessed, that this would make a bottleneck to stream stuff😅

Is it possible, that this was the problem?


Do you use the SD card really for internal storage to install apps? Or as external storage to store more raw data like MP3s and such? If you use it to install apps then yes, there are issues with that. Because your built-in storage is (usually) much faster than SD cards.


Please be aware there are a number of issues with an SD card as Internal storage, not least is that as the data is encrypted you cannot access via another device, so if your phone fails and you haven’t backed it all up you will loose some data.

See also SD card guide


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