YouTube videos stuttering on brand new phone

I’ve been using my fairphone 4 for a few days now, the system and all apps are up-to-date. I’ve noticed a few issues like still having to shout to be heard by the microphone on speakerphone mode in a call, but that’s manageable. The thing that is annoying me is when I watch YouTube videos in the YouTube app, they often stutter. It’s regardless of video quality, it’s happened when I’m using wi-fi in an area with good signal and also using mobile data in an area with good signal. I never had this problem with my previous phone - a Nokia 3.1 - despite the fact that the Nokia was struggling to even open apps towards the end of its use.
Had anybody else noticed this video playback problem on their fp4, any solutions or ideas what’s causing it?

I haven’t used the original YouTube app for more than three years now, but NewPipe works on my FP4 without any problems. Maybe you can give it a try :slight_smile:


I’ve just tried with the original YouTube app and didn’t notice any stuttere.

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Do you have an example of a video that stutters? I haven’t seen any stutter in any way on my Fairphone 4. It’s just as smooth as my Pixel 3, maybe even better in some areas (probably because of the 8GB RAM).

Here’s and example of a video that stuttered for me, at roughly 30 seconds into the clip. Tube Anemone attacked by Spanish Dancer - YouTube

Works fine here. Maybe clear the cache and data of YouTube? The stock camera app was very buggy as well until I cleared that.

Did you findjany solution to this problem?
I installed my fp4 yesterday uand run into the same issue.

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