Write error "Auf die SD-Karte kann nicht zugegriffen werden"

Does anybody experience problems with adoptable storage? At first I thought, migrating back and forth would help, but the Camera app gives me a persistent write error “Auf die SD-Karte kann nicht zugefriffen werden”. Other apps had errors as well (Threema didn’t show any pictures), but those don’t seem to come back. I’m looking for other apps with problems. EDIT: Found a huge one: I can’t update or install apps via F-Droid anymore. EDIT: Sometimes, it works. Then that’s what happens: F-Droid installs the app on the SD card even though I migrated all data back to internal storage and I lose all data for those apps until I restore them with Oandbackup.

Another bug for me is that the (virtual) Home button stops working after some time. A restart fixes this temporarily.

I would say this is in connection with Android6+ standard behaviour of restricting write access to external SD cards. I wrote in anther post about this, and will search now for it…:

_1.: have a look here (under point 14):

_2.: and here: (try point 1 & 2, I would skip point 3, as I find it a too dirty hack, plus it did not work for me as I wrote here)

_3: my edits in my post here:

Did this help?

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I’m not sure whether this has something to do with write access to SD, because my SD is/was formatted as internal storage.

After migrating back and forth again, I think some of the problems were caused by me keeping the SD card formatted as internal storage, but migrating data to the “real” internal storage without formatting SD as removable again. The Camera error does not exist anymore if I use adoptable storage as intended (only apps on “real” internal storage) or if I format SD as removable (everything on “real” internal storage).

My main problem with adoptable storage for now seems to be F-Droid installing apps to SD. I haven’t found a global option to change that. And Syncthing crashes on start.

This seems to be expected behaviour :thinking: since my LOS tablet does the same. I’ll try formating as internal storage again in some time and report back more specifically. This thread can be deleted, I can’t seem to do this myself.

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