Using LineageOS on the FP2

After happily using LIneageOS14.1 (Android7) for one month, I have only some features, which I miss in comparison to FPOS (Android5) + GravityBox which I want to count in the following.
Maybe I just did not figure out how it works now… Any help is welcome.

  1. There are no data-usage arrows in WiFi and cellular/SIM symbols anymore (which I find very usefull to judge over a proper data connection)
  • I cannot customize the symbols in the extended status bar (behaviour and visibility of individual shortcut symbols).
  • I miss a possibility to easily toggle between “2G only”/“3G only” and "“2G/3G mixed” (which I sometimes used with GravityBox because of bad reception areas)
  • I miss a toggle to easily switch the “Switch off display after X minutes”. “30s/2min/keep on” would great. On Android5.1 I used it with GravityBox in StatusBarSymbol and with PowerToggles, but not possible anymore.
  • Slow reacting AdaptiveDisplayBrightness: It takes about 2-5s for a first reaction of the display to increase brightness if display is switched on in brigth sun. So waiting 5s for using FP or always keep it at max brightness is not a nice way. I would prefer: either display remembers stat of last switch off and than adapts slowly, or start always in a quite bright level and adapt slowly down if needed.
  • If I set the display brightness using the activated feature “swipe status bar” the background app is fade out (and status bar has focus) - but this makes it very difficult to adjust the brightness easily, because it is just some white symbols on black background and the app beeing acitve in background which I want to adjust is faded-out and thus darker as it will be after finishen brightness adjust.
    So I would prefer that this great feature will keep the status bar closed and app in foreground (as it was in Android5.1+GravityBox), or to open the small slider instead.
  • if I activate “do not disturb” (e.g. for 8h) in shortcut symbols in status bar, I have no possibilty to check at the status bar symbol, how long it will still be activated (workaround: pressing +/-Vol to check, but it is not a nice way).
  • if I activate “do not disturb” a second time, I have again to choose 8h by 8 clicks. It should remember at least the setting I last (and every day) used…
  • I can’t get additional time zones displayd at stock clock widget (after activating it in the clock settings). It was possible in Android5.1. But now no settings in ClockWidget.
  • Display imideately switchted off after starting a call. FIXED: in LineageOS20171121 thanks to the good FP-ProximitySensorCalibration-Tool
  • Number of last used Apps displayd in “App manager” is very limited (~5?). But maybe this is changed in lates LOS as it seems? (now I see 16, thats quite OK).
  • I can set “Vibrate when connected” but not “Vibrate when disconnected” which was possible with GravityBox. FIXED: As it seems since LOS-20171121 it works. (But I can’t find anymore the settings…)
  • After FP-Reboot I can see sometimes 3 SIM-PIN requests (instead of 2, one for each SIM), the last one comes twice and I can either type in again or just wait until it closes after some seconds… strange.
  • Initially I had some problems to grant Apps write access to the external SDCard. Then I learnd about the “DocumentProvider” of Android7 which does handle this for modern apps. But for older apps which not properly request these write rights it is sometimes not possible at all. Quite strange way google goes, I wonder why LOS also (has to?) follow(s) this path…
  • I sometimes have a #-sign in the status bar, want to warn me about usage of SuperUser rights by any app. But I would like to remove it … but without XPosed it seems not possible…
  • I do miss a feature I loved on the Fairphone OS that seems missing in Lineage: Mounting the SD card as USB Mass Storage to a computer. But I now uses “SyncMe Wireless” to sync Data (photos, apks, music) with one click via WLAN ( you have to wirte ask developer for its recent beta verision via mail
  • I miss the FP ring tone … how I get it?

… ok, thats all (at least for the moment). I will keep my list updated, if I found solutions for this.
If anybody has solution to my hiccups above, let me/us know.
I guess some of them I should report as FeatureRequest / Improvements to LOS-forum, shouldn’t I?

Cheers, Robert