Workshops/Activities we would like to see at the EFCT16 (+ who can organize them?)

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The European Fairphoners Community Trip (EFCT) to Amsterdam will take place from 22. to 28.08.16. If you have ideas, what would be nice to do there, add them to the list! :slight_smile:

If you can organize one of the proposed activities/workshops, please indicate this by adding your username next to the entry.


  • Planning a trip to a mine/smartphone production facility for 20171
  • Urban mining workshop2
  • "How to organise an urban mining workshop?"2
  • Troubleshooting tips and tricks.3
  • Get the most out of your Fairphone - Hidden functions & settings.3
  • Create/design/brainstorm promo material (that FP might sell?)4
  • How can the forum be made more efficient (if FP is interested?)4
  • Play around with FP2’s expansion port / think about creative modules, etc. 1 (@dvl)
  • Difference between: a) Recovery, b) Bootloader, c) Firmware, d) OS. What must be setup together, what can be installed separately5
  • Backup strategies for installing other OS5
  • Installing and use of other OS: FP Open OS: Location provider; Sailfish OS5
  • Compiling FP Open OS from Prerequisites5
  • Building a FP2 from scratch (like in a Chinese factory)1
  • Learn to fix FP1 hardware yourself, tools and expertise provided6 (@Friedrich)

##Social activities

  • bike tour to windmills1 (@Stefan)
  • Taking a boat to the IJsselmeer2
  • Recording a Video from the community to share it with the people, who can’t participate1
  • Pub quiz with Fairphone fun facts1 (@Irina_Spitznagel)
  • Cocktail party1
  • Cooking together1 (@Vinni)
  • Games night1 (@Stefan)
  • Sightseeing in Amsterdam1


  • Tour through the FP headquarters3
  • Special forum badge for attendees1
  • Help the Fairphone team in whatever they need a lot of people for.1
  • Craft beer from Sweden1
  • A daily blog post (probably here on the forum)1

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