Help improve wikis and #staff curated topics

I recently updated some #wiki’s and #staff curated articles that contained some outdated info, but there are many more to go.

The following is a list of posts that should be updated.

If you feel up to the task please:

  • write your name to the post in the list below so we know which posts are already being worked on (if two people work on the same post at the same time things tend to go wrong).
  • try to make sure to update all the info in the post. That way it’s easy to see which posts are more up to date than others simply by looking at the order in the list (#wiki or #staff) (at least this is true for one-post topics).
  • check all links to see if they are broken. If a link automatically gets redirected (e.g. because it lead to the old location of a support article) it would be nice if you’d change it to the new url so the site will load faster when you click the link.
    If you’re really up for a challenge also change the code of the wiki from the old system ([link name][1] and then on the bottom of the page: [1]: url) to the new system ([link name](url)).
  • if you upgrade a post from #software:fp2-android-5-1 to #software:android-6 it will automatically reopen. If it is a one-post-topic it has to be closed again and the 2 open/close posts removed - moderators (& I believe leaders) can do that (for you).

Staff curated posts:

(Other) Wikis:


Some #meta:dictionary entries could also benefit of some newly gathered knowledge. :slight_smile:

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Other #staff and #wiki topics that are not 1-post topics yet, but probably should be, so it is bumped whenever the actual article is updated instead of when someone comments on the topic

Others where it’s ok that they are not 1-post-topics:

I’d like to keep it like it is now so I can add announcements as posts. Also the #communitymap doesn’t need to be bumped up. It’s mostly relevant when someone links to it. The #repairshops topic also includes the map so it will get bumped up anyway, when the specific info gets updated.

I simply pinned it :grin: (Maybe the topic should actually go to #fairphone2help?)

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You’re right about te #communitymap, but pinning the #fairphoneangels, doesn’t help me find out when the first post was updated.

Is it necessary to know when someone updates the first post?

Well that particular post might not get regular updates anyway, but in general I like to know when new info is added to an interesting post, so I can learn from it.
And like i said it’s also it’s helpful to have the #wiki’s and #staff articles ordered by when the article was last updated instead of when there was a reply last.
Plus I like consistency.

But in short: no it’s not necessary.

Yep I understand it and I know that you want to stay up to date. :slight_smile:

And yes, that post doesn’t get many updates, it mainly exists as a contact point for aspiring angels. :slight_smile:

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