Windows 10 don't recognize my Fairphone3 via USB

I’m trying to connect via USB my FP3 to my pc (Windows 10 OS), but the system says me “unrecognized usb device”.
I already activate debug USB option form developer menu and changed the USB transfer option to PTP.

Anyone knows how to fix this issue? Thanks!

First, make sure you use a data cable, there are USB cables out there only for charging, and they will not work for data.

Second, I guess most people would want to connect via MTP to see their files.
When I had trouble with MTP on Windows 10, I did the following to get old phone or MTP stuff in the system out of the way …

  • Disconnected the phone from the computer.
  • In Control Panel - Programs and Features:
    Uninstalled everything with “MTP” or “ADB” in its name.
  • Rebooted Windows.
  • In Control Panel - Device Manager:
    Enabled View - Show hidden devices, and then uninstalled every possible ADB, MTP and smartphone device, hidden or not.
  • Rebooted Windows.
  • Connected the phone again, Windows then needed a moment to set up MTP again automatically and prompted a success message afterwards.

If that doesn’t help, you should also try another USB-C cable and connect your phone through another USB-port on your computer.

Have you tried everything described here:

? Good luck!


The problem was the cable, thank you! I didn’t know there was cable only for charging.
Thank you all for your precious help!


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