Will they sell 15000? [They did]

Maybe we have to wait a few more days until payments arrive :wink:

I am quite shocked! :wink:

First they take the star logo, then they censor the social media wall.
Whatever will happen next? :flushed:


(btw, now 267 #FP2 to go…)

My tweet has appeared on then wall by now… :wink:

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I suspect the wall probably updates on a timer, say every hour. I don’t think approving every post is a great use of time for such a small team, particularly when the risk is low.

If it updates hourly they have a set tike to check and delete any problem posts.


Only 250 to go… :smiley:


I like when things turn out how I predicted :wink:


Actually, FP wanted to concentrate on mail order (or orders of 25 or fewer) in this pre-order period up to the end of September. The idea was to move on to reseller sales later in the year. I suspect that FP realized at some point that individual sales on their own were not going to be enough to meet the 15,000 goal, so they approached known resellers early and got them to order through the shop. This boosted the figure by 1,500. All well and good, I hear you cry, but maybe not dealt with in a perfectly transparent way. Just a small gripe, I hasten to add - and maybe I’ve got it all wrong.

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97 to go.

Ok my feeling yesterday was wrong, but now I’d be willing to bet that we hit 15000 tomorrow.


I am pretty sure 15.000 are hit tomorrow.

I’m sure that one or two were contributed by our Urban Mining Workshop:wink:


The goal will be reached tomorrow once the bank transfer backlog is entered into the counter – so by 10 or 11 am (read: right now we already have 15000 orders, we just need to wait until the payments are registered).


13 to go! Almost there.

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It’s automatic.

Whoop! Only 10 more!

Yes, now only 6 to go!

Tick, tock, tick, tock …

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And suddenly every fairphone supporter in Europe was struck down by a strange virus that affected their mouse fingers and the 15,000 target was missed by just 6 phones!

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Dammit, someone just order that sixpack! :smile: