🇩🇪 🇬🇧 My interview with Austrian blog urbanmining.at about Fairphone

Hi everybody,

The beginning of fair mobile phone production

:gb: I just wanted to share this interview which I did about two weeks ago. It was just published today (when we reached the 15k crowd funding goal)! :smiley:

I’m interested in your reaction. :blush:

PS: English is below the German blog entry.

Vom Anfang einer fairen Handy-Produktion

:de: Heute wurde mein Interview mit dem deutschsprachigen Blog urbanmining.at veröffentlicht. Neben dem Erreichen des Crowdfunding-Goals ein weiteres Highlight an diesem Tag für mich! :smiley:

Viel Freude beim Lesen! Ich freu mich über eure Reaktionen. :blush:

Cheers, Stefan


Nice interview. I enjoyed reading that.
Now that I’m thinking about it, I realise it would be interesting to see consumer interviews on more mainstream sites. It’s interesting and all to see what reviewers think of a product, but the consumer, that has used a product for some time can often give a better insight.


Nice interview and video, Stefan!

Indeed, Jerry. We did have a filmmaker in London filming the workshops and interviews with the team and people ‘on the street’ coming into the shop. So hopefully there are some nice customer testimonials that will come from that. We had a prototype phone there in the shop but the software is still being tweaked so some things are still being improved. So hopefully there will be more in-depth user testing/reviews in the next weeks.

We may be able to do some more interviews in Eindhoven 17-25 October during Dutch Design Week. Will you stop by @Jerry and @Lidwien? Or in Berlin for Heldenmarkt in early November.


Thank you @Jerry and @Joe!

Can’t you switch that? I’m in Berlin from 21-25 October… :wink:

Yes, I can come. Just let me know if you have a certain date and or time in mind.

Uuuh, they called me “Community Ambassador” :blush: I feel so famous… :sunglasses: :star: :blush:

Watch the video (my part starts at 1:46): :slight_smile:


Just read (I don’t know why but it seems today the forum software discovered I didn’t read 45 messages even though yesterday it said I was up to date…) and I’m very happy to read this interview :smile:
Keep up the good work @Stefan :smile:
Thank you for your efforts!