Wifi Scanning missing

The Wi-Fi Scanning option, which was previously in the Advanced Wi-Fi Settings, is gone. Could you please get it back to the Settings menu? It is an essential option to save battery.

Sounds like something that you may want to add to the #bugtracker.

Meanwhile, a forum search reveals the following potentially useful bits of information (the topic discusses the various issues of this option appearing and disappearing):


Johannes. I’ve seen that post but it sounded like the “search” for the menu item was an acceptable detour to the user. Which I do not think. I thought it would make sense to explicitly request that menu item would be accessible again from the preferences tree. So since I’m new to the forum could you please help me with the correct answer to my follow-up question:

a) does #bugtracking mean that I can simply add a tag to my post?
b) or does it mean that I have to submit a separate request to another forum?


No. Blue words are often links and if you click #bugtracker it leads you to a post explaining where to find and how to use the official bugtracker (you’ll need an account there).

Hi together,

the WiFi scanning is also missing in my settings (FP OS 17.12.1), and I just found out that the workaround described here

is unfortunately not really turning off the WiFi as my battery history details and battery drainage show.
To really turn off the WiFi if not connected, I additionally had to disable the WiFi and Bluetooth scanning function as described here

resulting in a much better battery performance.
However, it is not possible to find the menu if the phone’s main language is English. After switching the phone’s main language to German, it however worked as described in the German discussion (🇩🇪 Android 6 und der Akku) what I find somewhat confusing as just a language change should not affect the setting menu.
It also works in Spanish (busquéda), French (recherche), Italian (rizerza) and Portugese (procurar). However, I was not able to find it in the English setting, despite trying numerous different keywords.


I updated #bugtracker #95 with the scanning bug information and screenshots showing it.

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