Why choose LineageOS over Fairphone OS?


I got my new FP3+ a few days ago and I wanted to try installing LineageOS 18.1 and Magisk before I put any data on the phone. In short, I was able to install LineageOS and OpenGApps without any big problems (I’m working on some updated instructions for the wiki, if interesting) but I haven’t been able to install Magisk and also relock the bootloader. Lot’s of fun near-bricking situations, but I’ve now reflashed the official Android from Fairphone.

In any case, that brings me to the question - why should I pick LineageOS over Fairphone OS (or why should I not)?

Should I be expecting LineageOS to give me more settings, more security and more AOSP updates? The chance of getting 12? Or am I just asking for small bugs and hardware that doesn’t always work properly?

What are your thoughts and suggestions? Why have you chosen to remain or to flash?



  1. Don’t want to have to undo if I need to return for warranty.
  2. Have lots of other more entertaining spiritual and environmental habits to fulfill.
  3. Not overly concerned with Google, never had an account and used abd to remove much of their apps, don’t use play~store etc.
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I can only speak for FP2 but expect its similar:

  1. normally weekly updates and so also more frequent security updates
  2. Less Google if this is wanted
  3. Faster upgrades to new Android Versions (for FP2 that came out with A5 or 6 is no on A11 with LOS)
  4. Sometimes different settings and also sometimes more, but not sure how important that is

However, flashing the FP2 is much easier than flashing the FP3 and each time you unlock/relock the bootloader you have to do a factory reset.

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We can help with this if you wish, it should be quite straightforward.
Though mind flashing Magisk and relocking is impossible, it’ll make your phone bootloop AFAIK. You have to chose between both.

There’s a detailed community installation guide:

More settings yes, more AOSP upgrades yes, but security is a vast subject. It depends how you define it. More privacy I believe yes, you won’t have the Google Apps always active.
Also, you’ll have a much lighter OS in the sense that it is quite sober and you can then install what you need.

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Sorry for necroposting, but is it possible to remove all of the google stuff with adb ( i installed lineage just to get rid of google assistant which was popping all the time, it was worse than Jim Carrey in cable guy )

Hi You can look at a topic/guide I made to do just that using a raspberry pi.

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Some additional resources …

It’s not possible to get rid of “all of the Google stuff” this way, and all Android OSes are based on Google’s work, which makes this pretty hard to achieve anyway.

If you can live with some background stuff still phoning home, LineageOS is a start, as it doesn’t include all the Google Apps and services which come preinstalled on Google certified stock Android OSes.

If you want to take further degoogling steps, you may want to have a look at what /e/ do (they take LineageOS as a base and degoogle it further) … /e/ product description - a pro-privacy Android ROM and online services.


Thank you both for the replies. I did not meant to remove it 100% from android, but more to get rid of its assistant, and voice activated search and similar stuff that for me just gets in a way.

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