FP3: Complete guide for installing LineageOS: meta discussion

I have a proposal: replace the minimal adb & fastboot with the official platform tools at https://developer.android.com/studio/releases/platform-tools

It might not make a big difference for a LOS installation, but to my knowledge the minimal adb & fastboot were the source of plenty of installation problems in the /e/ forum. IIRC it misses mke2fs which is needed for fastboot -w (part of the /e/ install instructions).


Oh, I didn’t knew that!
Or at least a warning about those missing commands should be mentioned there.
I’ll take a look tomorrow… :slight_smile:

Hi, hope these aren’t dumb questions:

  • Why are the commands slightly different from those in the official install manual? ex. fastboot boot instead of fastboot flash boot
  • Can I unlock the bootloader and OEM again after I relocked it, to reinstall FairphoneOS?

Because official install manual flashes the recovery permanently and the guide linked above only starts the recovery for one-time use. I think both is possible.

Yes, you can. Unlocking will “only” again clear your data partition.


Thank you, do you know if the unlock is in a similar location as in FairphoneOS? @Volker

Sorry, can’t say that. I hope someone using LineageOS on a FP3 can/will tell you that…


Ok thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi, I’ve done LineageOS installs before on other phones, but this is my first time doing it with the Fairphone. I’m following your guide but also keeping an eye on the official LineageOS guide here Install LineageOS on FP3 | LineageOS Wiki - it gets a bit confusing when the 2 guides differ.

Anyway, I’ve gotten as far as step 6 using LineageOS-Recovery. Step 1 factory reset was fine, but I’m confused about step 2 where it says:

  • Now, navigate back to the main menu and choose Apply update → Apply from ADB

Which main menu are you referring to here? I don’t see this option either in the Fastboot menu or in the Android menus.
Also neither adb devices nor fastboot devices are showing me any device listed when I boot into the Fastboot menu. I’m guessing that’s a problem, right?

Thanks for any help you can give!

To answer my own question, the following worked:

fastboot flash:raw boot_a lineage-17.1-20210329-recovery-FP3.img

I was then able to get into Recovery and proceed with the install.