White noise with wired headphone

Hello everyone,

I just bought a Fairphone 4. I’ve got a problem with the sound. As soon as i put my wired headphones a “white noise” appears when i listen to music, podcast or live streaming …
If the music ends, the white disappears. It’s very annoying, specially during a live streaming where there aren’t any continuous sound for example … It just appears/disappears when a sound is broadcasted.

Am i the only person with this problem or … ?
I already tried with three diferent wired headphones …

It’s very problematic … Help :frowning:

Thank you

Hi and welcome to the forum.

If you still have the default OS and are using default apps to listen to sound I’d say you may well be the only one and it would be wise to contact Fairphone soon as they have quite a slow response sometimes :slight_smile:
They will likey ask you to
a) Start in safe mode, which disbales any apps you installed temporarily
b) Do a factory restet ~ before you do that you will want to back up any personal data

Anthor issue is if you have an SD card remove if before you do the tests and ensure it is formatted as Portable.

Hi Anaid,
Which USB - to- audio converter are you using?
Some possibilities are listed here:

You might like to look at some other topics on the subject of wired headphones with the FP4.

I have the same issue. Can’t find any fix. Might be because I used a cheap dongle from my local electronics store.

I use headphones with jack. And an adapter for jack. If I listen to some podcast, there is a backgoundnoise while sombody is speaking, ehile nobody is speaking (or no Music) then is no noise. What’s wrong? I dont heare it on the phone speaker.

Welcome to the community :wave:

I’ve moved your post to this existing topic, maybe one of the others affected has found a solution in the meantime? :thinking:

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thanks for moving. And sorry, i did not find this topic in the forum
I got the one from cellularline. So, I need the one from fairphone? Can somebody confirm?

No worries, I’m just trying to get a few more knowledgeable eyes on the problem :slightly_smiling_face:

According to the list linked above, a cellularline adapter is listed as “Fully functional”.
@ziggo, you seem to have added that one, still no issues with it? :thinking:

In the meantime, I ordered the one from FP. Will see if this works, let you guys know…

Me too I experience this behavior. Think also mine adapter is Cellularline, but I can’t be sure. Sometime in a video where someone speak, I don’t hear some words if the volume of the voice is low. Could be the DAC of this adapter?

Same problem here using headphones found in the box of my fp4. This is really annoying at it makes it impossible to listen to something with a low volume. (I love to listen podcasts when falling asleep ; I cannot do that with my fp4 exactly because of that noise problem)

…the wireless headphones?
If so, it’s not the adapter :frowning_face:

Good morning
Please check the sound / microphone settings (if possible).
The “white noise” is 75% caused by incorrect settings and poor/incompatible microphones, e.g. headsets.
Deactivate the Auto-Peak function in the settings (microphone) and level manually. The remote station can also cause the noise. As I said, everything only if possible through settings.

I got now the officiel FP adapter. It works. Nomore noise!
pitty I hade to buy 3 adapters to get that working :frowning:


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