Which android driver should I use?

Hi there,
Still not resolved issues with my phone after the android 9 upgrade so decided to manually downgrade back to android 7.
But can’t get beyond the first instruction as my PC doesn’t have an android driver.
Spent hours trying to resolve this.
What driver works with FP2, where do I find it and how do I tell my PC to use it with my FP2?
Thanks in advance

Hi. Did you read the official instructions ?

You can see the appropriate name of the driver in the instructions … Its Google inc…android bootloader.

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Steps in short for windows:
Reboot FP in fastboot mode
Connect to PC
Go to windows update
Search for updates
Additional/optional updates
Select and install
The driver can then be found in he device manager under Kedacom USB ( similar) not under Android


yvmuell, many thanks for your short steps.
Solved our problem perfectly :grinning:
That wasn’t at all clear to us from the instructions, afraid we are only amateurs.
You have been a huge help to us


your tip mainly “Kedacom USB” saved my time. Thank you yumuell

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