What's the official state of the A13 update? Is there a statement by FP?

I have been postponing the Android 13 update on my phone, because I saw so many reports of major problems on this forum. Now I’m wondering when I’ll ever be able to do the update. I haven’t seen any official communication from Fairphone. Are they acknowledging the problems? Are they working on it?


Well, yes, there a reports of problems with the A13 update, but what you do not see, is the countless updates that do not cause problems as nobody will report those (including me :wink: ).

AND: Yes, of course they are working on those issue, if they are related to FPOS.


I understand that I can’t accurately gauge the risk, but that’s sort of my point. I see all these reports, but no official communication about it.
So the way I see it: there’s a good chance my phone will become unreliable after the upgrade with no way of going back and no way of knowing if it will be fixed.

I just wish a company like Fairphone would be a bit more open about this.


The issue with “bricked” phone for those who had alternate operating systems before might already be fixed. There was at least one report of successful upgrade from A12 to 079 update (second A13 update) from somebody who had alternate systems before. But I suggest to enable OEM unlocking before doing the update, just in case. And try to have a USB-C docking station in your reach.

Regarding random reboots, it is still issue, but the workaround to disable 5G works for most people.

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I have 2 FP4, one on the beta program and one on the standard one.

Neither had a major bug with the A13 updates.


I have a FP4 on Orange FR, and thus only got the recent, latest update, which also updated my phone from A12 to A13 (Orange had blocked the initial Fairphone A13 update).

No problems so far, but I’ve never tried changing OS, and I’ve never had any issues with 5G either (which is quite present around here, even though my house is in the boonies).

Overall I would say “good update” (although I might still regret saying this…), but your own mileage might vary greatly…

It all boils down to “Do you feel lucky?..” :smile:

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Another FP4 on Orange here, I did not notice any issues. I read about the issues on the forum but still carelessly clicked on the update thinking ‘hmm this is quite a big security update but yeah …’

I also postponed the update to Android 13… in the meantime there is a new update (TP1X.C.079) but that does not solve the reboot problem. I sent an email to support, but I did not receive a satisfactory response after 15 days

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I upgraded when it became available. Flawless for me.


I too updated my FP4 when A13 came up. No problems with the software so far.

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I updated and it started to reboot one or two time a day. I solved it thank to the forum switching off the 5G. So yes if you are not sure wait for the fix.

Thank you for this post!
I have the same problem. I also no longer dare to install updates on my em FP 4 (unchanged).
I can’t do the suggested “solutions”, I’m just a phone user and not a phone tinkerer.
My husband and I both bought an FP 4 at the same ti
me. He still has an iPhone for work and hardly uses his FP.
One thing is certain for us: apart from regret and waiting for an official solution, nothing remains.

I was also worried about the update and hesitated for a long time. Today I did the update and at least I don’t have a black screen. However, I had never installed an alternative operating system.
But if you have a lot of different authentications installed, especially for work, it would be a big problem if your mobile phone fails. No backup would help for that.

That’s why there are recovery phrases for 2FA.

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