What to do with old working modules?

I just updated my FP2 by installing the new camera- and top-module and I’m very happy with that. But I don’t know what to do with the old modules. I don’t want to recycle them, since they still work. What did you do with your old modules?

You can send them to Fairphone:


Postal address:

FAIRPHONE Module Recycling
Jollemanhof 17
1019 GW Amsterdam
The Netherlands


Keep them.
Applying some variation of Murphy’s law or your favourite superstition of the day would let it seem reasonable that

  1. giving the old ones away would invite trouble with the new ones resulting in a nerve-racking support case, while

  2. keeping the old ones would trigger that nothing happens to the new ones with you constantly thinking “Well, the new ones work fine, why do I keep the old ones? Ah yes, there was point 1.” :wink:


If that’s not enough options for you yet you can also sell them in the #market or donate them to one of the #localcommunities.


Thanks everyone for the answers. I guess I’m going to send the old modules to fairphone for recycling. AnothrElk definatley has a point, but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be able to find my modules in my flat, should I ever need them :wink:


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I decided to upgrade to the new improved camera module, but it brought up this issue for me as well: what happens with the modules that are replaced?

The Fairphone ‘recycling program’ that was linked above appears to be gone now.
The Market is unlikely to find a home for all the old (but working) modules that will be replaced.
There’s the list of recyclers (PDF) - is that the best option for now?

It seems to me that it would be a responsible move for Fairphone to add a link on the shop page when you’re buying new modules, to explain the options for recycling/reuse of old modules, in order to reduce the amount of waste created by updating.

Is it still an option to send the old module to Fairphone?

I asked Fairphone the same the other day and the Recycling Program is still in place. You can send your modules (do not send batteries, dispose of them locally instead) to

FAIRPHONE Module Recycling
Jollemanhof 17
1019 GW Amsterdam
The Netherlands


Just for the record, the same comment I made before: form an environmental point of view, it’s always better to recycle it locally!

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As far as I remember, Fairphone will reuse and/or refurbish the modules if possible. I do not think that this would happen locally.

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I would be very surprised if the demand for (refurbished) old modules will be that high… :slight_smile:
But indeed, if the module/phone will not be recycled but reused, this is even much better!

The link is up again.

(The German version is up again, too, but it seems to have brought back outdated contents. Find the correct information here: German )

Presumably all new FP2s will come with the upgraded cameras. So returned modules won’t be used there. Maybe they could sell them on their website at a lower price than the new modules. I do hope “recycling” doesn’t mean the waste of breaking them down for material re-use when the modules themselves took time and energy to make. RePair, ReUse before ReCycle!!

(I would like a new screen tho ;¬) )

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