What is the best way to contact support?


I had to cancel my order, following this article but it was already impossible, so I tried to contact support through a request, as it was still on processing state. But it kept going thhrough, and no sign of contact support.
During these days, I understand they might be overwhelmed.

Now, the shipment is to be delivered tomorrow, to a delivery point, so I’m wondering what I should do with this. :face_exhaling: , picking it up, not picking it up.

If anybody has the adress it has to be sent back to, that would be great. As I opened a ticket anyway, I hope it will matter if the support is silent for more than 14 days.

Any advice ?

Thats from the article you linked above so to my understanding either way is possible

  • you can refuse the delivery so the parcel returns to our warehouse
  • you notify our customer support within 14 days after delivery so they can start a cool-off procedure.

Just note this is a user forum, so I dont speak for Fairphone


Hello everyone,

I ordered a Fairphone and some accesories on July 11 and received it on July 13 but in the meantime I managed to repair my old phone so I don’t need a Fairphone anymore.

I would like to return my Fairphone but I can’t find any indication on the website, I have no answer to my emails or phone calls…

thanks for your help !

Please see above for further information and links

Thank you for your response but as it is written in this document :

You are obligated to send back the product to the address provided by Customer Support, without undue delay and in any event not later than 14 days from the day on which you have communicated your decision to withdraw from the contract.

However, I have been trying to contact support for several days now and no one is responding.
That’s why I’m asking if anyone knows the procedure to return your phone.

Just wait you should have a ticket number and a written proof you did the needful. When they need time to respond, it does not matter, its their “fault”. As user, we here in the forum, cannot give you more help or information, we have no influence.

Please see here as well.


Edit: even if someone here could provide the address, I would not just return it without support confirmation to ensure the package will be handled properly at return and not get lost somehow, because its not possible to assign to a process/ticket number


Ok I will wait,

thanks for your help !

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J+7 on ticket, no news either,
But I haven’t tried yet to do a phonecall, it seems to be opened from 10am to 1pm or something, did you tried to call during these times ?

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