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Hello Everyone!

My name is Jonathan. I have been a advocate for Fair Trade for several years now. I was on a path to design toys for a living until I saw how workers were treated in factories. My whole world imploded. Suddenly they weren’t heroes and villains with personality but bits of plastic that some unfortunate person had to put together.

I’ve worked hard to choose fair trade and used when I can. My Cintiq is used, my closet of cloths is becoming more and more fair trade. I volunteered at the headquarters of a fair trade organization.

And I can’t stop thinking about where things come from, who made them, what were the working conditions, was the pay fair, etc. etc. It was driving me mad when I’d pick up my phone. Every time I looked at it I thought “If you REALLY cared you’d put your money where your heart is and buy a Fairphone.”

So now I’ve ordered mine. SO looking forward to it.


Hi - my name is Bernd and I own my FP2 now for three days. It is running on the OSOS and currently without any issue - so I’m happy


Yo, whatsup you guys & girls!

It’s BamskiBamski here, showing some :heart: to the Fairphone concept. Still satisfyingly using my FP1-2nd batch, running on Cherry 1.6 #yikes! Doing some conservative oldskool #IfItAintBrokeDontFixIt sh*t, but whatever :grin:

Dilemma lately: ordering a FP2 after 2 years using FP1? Yes? No? I want to support “the cause” by buying a new device, however, is keep on using my still working FP1 not even a better support of the concept?

Please, feel free and let me know what ya’ll be thinking about that dilemma (which you might also be having)?

Cya-when-I-cya :sunglasses:


I found somebody who had a bad functioned mobile. I sold my FP1 to him and then I bought a FP2/


Welcome to the forum, @Jonnydark, @bepe27, @BamskiBamski :slight_smile:

@BamskiBamski I for one continue using my Fairphone 1 until it falls apart. Let’s show the world that even FP1 last way longer than other smart phones! :smiley:



That’s a good one @Lidwien :laughing: :+1: I’ll keep that one in mind :ok_hand:

Now, I dunno exactly 4 how long u already be using ur FP2, but…whats ur experience with d FP2 sofar, compared 2 d FP1? Are u happy that u switched from FP1 to FP2?


Thanks @Stefan! I will surely be checking out that link you posted :ok_hand::+1:


Hej there,

My name is Julia and I’m not yet a fairphone user :wink: As a student, it is not yet affordable for me. I’m planning to buy a Fairphone as soon as I am earning money.

My smartphone history: After having used my good old Nokia for 5 years, I switched to a smartphone 4 years ago. I’ve renewed its battery once, then soldered a broken part. The internal memory, however, didn’t allow me to install and use more than one app, which was pretty annoying. Now I’m using the 5 years old iPhone of a friend, which is a bit more open in this respect (around 20 apps running currently). As I like to keep my things as long as possible, and thanks to ifixit.com, only parts of the iPhone are 5 years old. Plus, it’s fun to tinker around :slight_smile: However, the microphone is giving up slowly, and exchanging the hardware will soon make no more sense.

What brings me here:
I’m following the fairphone progress since 3 years, and hope it’ll have a beacon effect on many technical items (for starters: computers). I’m hoping to learn about projects and startups similar to Fairphone, as I’d love to contribute to a more sustainable and fairer world with my daily job as soon as I’ve finished my studies. So, in case you’ve got any tipps, please share!


Perhaps a secondhand Fairphone is an option.

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Welcome to the forum, @SustEng. Possession of a Fairphone is not a prerequisite of joining the movement for fairer electronics! :wink: Great that you are here in spite of owning a Fairphone yourself!

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Thanks for the warm welcome :smile:

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My name is Bill Bowring,

Fairphone 2 owner since the beginning of the year, now running into problems with the distance sensor and the touch screen - no letter “i”!

Professor Bill Bowring


Welcome to the forum, Bill! :slight_smile:

Hi all!

I am Amily and a new Fairphone user here. I bought it two weeks ago and just fell in love with it. That’s awesom to have such a great support of like-minded. Hope to be useful to you, too!


Hi everyone,

I’m Mia from Stuttgart (Germany).
I’ve first made contact with FP two years ago, when I had to play a business game at university and fellow student proposed to simulate a roll out of FP1 in the US.
Now my annoying phone is dying and I’m still considering to get a FP :wink:

See you soon!


There’s already been a Stuttgart Fairphoners Meeting earlier this year, initiated by @Vinni and organized by @Friek. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum, @Amily and @MoonChild! :smiley:

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i missed out to be in the kickstarter for the first FP but given the order number 14586 I think I own a rather “old” phone, but never had a serious problem with it. The wait from july '13 to recieving a tracking code in january '14 was long but worth it - as a BS Student in CS I was curious how it would turn out. One main point for me ordering was to not have to use google for everything and I’ve never installed Googleservices on my phone - fdroid and the xda-forums had all I needed.

This said I am looking forward to the 4.4 Android update and the beta-programm for it was the reason I registered to the forum.

So, that’s some info about me.


Hi @Kuraron, welcome to our forum community! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! :slight_smile:

Hi all!! I’ve been with my brand new FP2 for a week so far! I’m really happy!! Fairphone rules!!!