Welcome! Introduce yourself here!

Welcome to the forum, @pereclap! :slight_smile: Glad to read that you had a good start!

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my fairphone 2 is one of or is 17418… ;).
I am used to rooted phones (e.g. cyanogen mods) so I am using open fairphone and gapps nano since it was available. I won`t take pictures with fp2, so I never tested the camera but I use sometimes Apps for photography - because I have several digital and analogue cameras - so one is always with me.



Welcome to the forum, @vordprefect! :slight_smile: (And great to hear that you belong to the open faction!)

Hi am Ames Crisler! I am a business man. :slight_smile:


Hi James, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Hi all,

I am Patrick and FP2 is my first smartphone. I read about it on a random somewhere in the news concerning obsolescence. I also liked to support this great idea, and well unfortunately again a great idea and good product not coming from a national located company here in Germany…Compared to other phones “available” (which excludes Googles approach…) I think Fairphone put the focus on the right attributes. Not to neglect fairness and social values, my top priority was a replaceable battery and of course new spare batteries for sale! I feel the not state-of-the-art cpu does a good job, I never run out of ram and wanted to be open to more network operators hence to this dual-sim was mandatory as well as an extra sd card slot. The announcement of Shiftphone 5 pro sounds nice, but since February I am totally served with my FP2 which I am actually “using”. It was order no. 9601.
I am interested in many things and always eager to learn more but trying to keep out of the “nerd” level for several reasons. With my new phone I am experiencing many new things of which some do surprise me when stumbling over them…just like the 2,4GHz thing…I prefer to keep things cabled by copper or fibre glass which is senseless by such an device. Up to now I do not know everything, else I would be god and not down here. But I do try to contribute if possible which may help others but also bring up discussions at some point. :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m Jeroen. I’m getting more and more annoyed with the wasting attitude encouraged by the smartphone manufacturers, which i why I am considering to do a one last time throwing away of an “apple-branded” phone and get myself one of your the ultimate geek phones!


Welcome to the forum, @Patrick1 and @Liberal! :slight_smile:

Hey Patrick,

The founer of Fairphone, Bas van Abel, is Dutch. So perhaps you can be a little bit proud on the idea that its an idea from the notheren EU ?

(As it happens one of my German colleagues pointed out the FairPhone to me)



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Hey Jeroen,

well from this point of view…EU…oh - am I, are we—YES - we are a EU member state…nice :+1:

I appreciate people like Van Abel and if there isn´t any distrust would like to compare him with Elon Musk (neglecting the different money status). .

They don´t just do a lot of talking and bla, bla but put things into action and turn them into reality. Finally Fairphones are sold and very interesting e-cars are too. I could afford a Fairphone, but still saving money on a Tesla model 3. Up to now I had a test ride in the P90 model which almost got me out of my mind. I did not want to get out of it again.

I am eager who will place the next major impact on a commonly used/needed matter. Norway could provide 20,000MW of energy storage to Europe…Hydroelectric power, one of the cleanest ways to produce energy.

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Hey all,

i am a proud owner of a new fp2, my reason for buying one was (aside from its attempt to make a fair product) that i did not want to inform google about when i boot my phone and what apps are on it.

And as a “since 1.0.x linuxer” i could not resist to install Fairphone Open… :wink:



Hey fellow de-googlified Fairphoner, welcome to the forum, @theGnarf! :slight_smile:

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Hi there, I’m Francesco, designer based in Milan.
I joined the forum mainly for seeking commercial info about the Fairphone 2, which I haven’t bought yet.

This project seems great to me…'nuff said!



Welcome to the community, @Francesco_Leoni! :smiley: Do you already know http://www.fairphoneitalia.org/ ?

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That’s cool @Stefan, thanks! The website seems a little still “under construction”, but from the facebook page I got that FP is going to be sold in Italy soon.
Good news!


Hey all! I am Rémy from south of France (next to Avignon). I created my design office in the energy optimisation for buildings and I bought my first fairphone for my professionnal phone. I think Fairphone helps us to be coherent between our ideas and our actions. Thank you for that.
Best regards


Welcome to the forum, @Rem! Great to see more French people on the forum! :smiley:


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Grüezi & Hi, I’m from Switzerland, loving the sea :ocean: and since few days my first Smartphone, the indigoblue Fairphone2 :purple_heart: I’m a digital Immigrant, learning every day how FP2 works. Good to know, there are cracks :mortar_board: in this Forum, which I can ask for help. I appreciate this very much! :bouquet: